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Flying saucer landing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream flying saucer landing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

flying saucer 47
Meaning of the dream: great novelty and fortune

flying saucer and microgroove 55
Description: intimate joy

saucer 24

saucer for dessert 10

saucer broken 67

landing 2
Meaning: you are realistic

airplane landing 54
Translation of the dream: abundance

landing difficult 5
Interpretation: lacks objectivity

seaplane landing 34
Sense of the dream: fickle spirit

bridge landing 15
What does it mean: high aspirations

landing of goods 27
Meaning of the dream: pride and conceit

landing of troops 17
Description: high hopes

landing of animals 5
Interpretation of the dream: new aspirations

Landing of wounded 7
Translation: to curb impulsiveness

landing of people 81
Dream description: feelings uncertain

aircraft landing 8
Meaning: abundance of goods

landing ship 29

crash landing 2

the landing of scale 23

moon landing 23
What does it mean: period of full satisfaction

heron flying 65
Meaning of the dream: awards

flying eagle 68
Description: narrow escape

flying vulture 45
Interpretation of the dream: opposition to rivals

flag flying 71
Translation: Danger averted

canary flying 24
Dream description: freedom of decision

Goldfinch flying 51
Meaning: new sympathies

see flying grasshopper 37
Translation of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

cicada flying 22
Interpretation: exploitation of energy

stork flying 65
Sense of the dream: risk of theft

dove flying 26
What does it mean: waste of money

crow flying 21
Meaning of the dream: deceptions hidden

raven flying 71
Description: betrayed trust

Flying Saucers 47
Interpretation of the dream: new lucky

pheasant flying 21
Translation: serenity and joy

Hawk flying 81
Dream description: danger of scam

butterfly flying 13
Meaning: changing ideas

leaves flying 27
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

seagull flying 29
Interpretation: Danger averted

insect flying 88
Sense of the dream: small loss

Balloon flying 30
What does it mean: need for discipline

quail flying 68
Meaning of the dream: News coming soon

swallows flying 9
Description: frequent moves

flying on the broom 8
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous hazards

nightingale flying 45
Translation: inconstant love

flying over the sea 11
Dream description: exaggerated pride

sparrow flying 79
Meaning: unfulfilled desires

angel flying 55

duck flying 66
Interpretation: full of ideas period

Woodcock flying 21

owl flying 43

firefly flying 19

flying artillery 58

finch flying 46

cranes flying 27

Skylark flying 64

Siskin flying 22

fourengine flying 70

ladybird flying 80
Interpretation: good health

crows flying in troop 72
Sense of the dream: Hard cold, disaster