Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

flying over the sea

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: flying over the sea

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11 flying over the sea
exaggerated pride

65 heron flying

68 flying eagle
narrow escape

45 flying vulture
opposition to rivals

71 flag flying
Danger averted

24 canary flying
freedom of decision

51 Goldfinch flying
new sympathies

37 see flying grasshopper
lack of enthusiasm

22 cicada flying
exploitation of energy

65 stork flying
risk of theft

26 dove flying
waste of money

21 crow flying
deceptions hidden

71 raven flying
betrayed trust

47 Flying Saucers
new lucky

47 flying saucer
great novelty and fortune

21 pheasant flying
serenity and joy

81 Hawk flying
danger of scam

13 butterfly flying
changing ideas

27 leaves flying
sick passenger

29 seagull flying
Danger averted

88 insect flying
small loss

30 Balloon flying
need for discipline

68 quail flying
News coming soon

9 swallows flying
frequent moves

8 flying on the broom
dangerous hazards

45 nightingale flying
inconstant love

79 sparrow flying
unfulfilled desires

72 crows flying in troop
Hard cold, disaster

55 flying saucer and microgroove
intimate joy

18 impression of flying looking at the sky
your ideas are good and will earn you a lot of money, honesty

11 see flying terns in the waves
news from distant countries

1 sea
your unconscious and the transition between your unconscious and conscious

69 go to the sea

41 take to the sea
New Adventures

73 see the sea
possibility to exploit

1 lowering of the sea

68 live at sea
betrayal of friends

37 camp by the sea
inner joys

29 sea water

78 overlook the sea
right calculation

83 drown in the sea
revenge on neighbors

11 high sea
enthusiasm for new ideas

25 drown at sea
good business

4 sea ​​air
disease passing

80 cross the sea
small gains

59 sea ​​bath
unclear situation

69 boat on the sea
unjustified jealousy

9 boat at sea
reckless conduct

2 binoculars by sea
love of mystery

3 bivouac at sea
false settings

88 sea ​​cow
diseases avoided

36 stormy sea
bad speculations

18 jump into the sea
improvements to be made

6 see a lifeguard at sea
novelty in view

34 see bragozzo by the sea
long happiness and great prosperity

38 booth sea
chatter dangerous

82 fall into the sea
lack of enthusiasm

83 hut by the sea
uncertainty as to overcome

21 dinner at sea

58 contemplate the sea

26 dolphin at sea
emotional states to balance

4 sea ​​coast
lust for unattainable happiness

90 bottom of the sea
from health check

76 escape by sea
low activity

80 sea ​​slug
change in circumstances

60 clear sea
programs to keep secrets

44 sea ​​with swimmers
recovery of lost time

41 bathing in the sea
positive results

26 sea ​​monster
exaggerated claims

13 swimming in the sea
stimulating activities