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Flying among the clouds in a helicopter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream flying among the clouds in a helicopter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

helicopter 35
Meaning of the dream: weakness of character

shoot down a helicopter 62
Description: urgent business to solve

fall from the clouds 33
Interpretation of the dream: You discover a harsh reality

clouds 8
Translation: represent your mood

red clouds 18
Dream description: moments of anger

gray clouds 7
Meaning: melancholy

low clouds 9
Translation of the dream: concerns

flying on the broom 8
Interpretation: dangerous hazards

pink clouds 6
Sense of the dream: sweetness

moon with clouds 5
What does it mean: love no tomorrow

walk in the clouds 81
Meaning of the dream: fantasy

clouds moving very quickly 5
Description: You are moody

helicopter rescue 37
Interpretation of the dream: want new

horizon full of clouds 55
Translation: careful not to get caught off guard by your enemies

flying over the sea 11
Dream description: exaggerated pride

White clouds 5
Meaning: serenity

black clouds 2
Translation of the dream: concerns

see flying terns in the waves 11
Interpretation: news from distant countries

High clouds 15
Sense of the dream: the difficulties are far

dense clouds 3
What does it mean: Health Concerns

leaves flying 27
Meaning of the dream: sick passenger

dark clouds 69
Description: business to settle urgently

crows flying in troop 72
Interpretation of the dream: Hard cold, disaster

storm clouds 11
Translation: malice and resentments

envy among friends 76
Dream description: someone is under the thumb of you

infidelity among friends 62
Meaning: help to be given to a relative

envy among colleagues 17
Translation of the dream: unrepeatable occasion

discord among sisters 55
Interpretation: depression

among die 48
Sense of the dream: you have the right luck

dispute among boys 70
What does it mean: recovery of energy

discord among friends 22
Meaning of the dream: lack of self-control

discord among colleagues 67
Description: indecision dangerous

discord among fellow 1
Interpretation of the dream: birth of a child

antipathy among relatives 24
Translation: good health

disunity among friends 87
Dream description: Unexpected failure

discord among members 77
Meaning: restlessness and discontent

disunity among relatives 45
Translation of the dream: betrayal and punishment

discord among priests 40
Interpretation: mental balance

butterfly flying 13
Sense of the dream: changing ideas

contention among women 30
What does it mean: charges made bad

envy among women 2
Meaning of the dream: inner struggle

envy among men 23
Description: difficult tasks

contention among men 7
Interpretation of the dream: intense relationships

issue among men 22
Translation: disease

Pope among the cardinals 6
Dream description: strong attachment to traditions

see flying grasshopper 37
Meaning: lack of enthusiasm

quarrel between brothers 26
Translation of the dream: bad consequence of a bad action

scuffle between crazy 45
Interpretation: need for diplomacy

quarrel between sisters 45
Sense of the dream: distorted perspectives family

matter between relatives 23
What does it mean: shrewd intelligence

rivalry between brothers 10
Meaning of the dream: feeling is unjustified