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Flowered pants woman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream flowered pants woman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

woman with pants 64
Meaning of the dream: deception as to suffer

upbeat pants 65
Description: revelations

buy pants 11
Interpretation of the dream: pitfall hidden

see a woman with pants 64
Translation: deception as to suffer

buckle pants 25
Dream description: strange statement

put pants 57
Meaning: supports valid

shorten pants 43
Translation of the dream: loss

pants (mask) 90
Interpretation: you re too light

fold the pants 78
Sense of the dream: unpleasant event

colored pants 6
What does it mean: compromises dangerous

patch pants 12
Meaning of the dream: critical

baste pants 29
Description: economic difficulties

wearing pants 90
Interpretation of the dream: trouble from work

tuck pants 28
Translation: constant work

uncreased trousers 40
Dream description: small fortune

put pants down 69
Meaning: errors to be repaired

lowering the pants 29
Translation of the dream: lack of objectivity

woman 21
Interpretation: nature and love

extricate the pants 22
Sense of the dream: opposition

religious woman 76
What does it mean: inner resources

woman football 5
Meaning of the dream: excessive egocentricity

woman burned 20
Description: lightness in love

woman in a carriage 24
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant ideas

woman in car 55
Translation: precipitous actions

good woman 82
Dream description: vanity

alcoholic woman 15
Meaning: Lies harmful

woman arrested 9
Translation of the dream: loss of prestige

stammering woman 52
Interpretation: possibility of a detachment

woman guilty 56
Sense of the dream: intolerance and nervousness

naked woman 38
What does it mean: pain and bitterness

industrious woman 64
Meaning of the dream: enthusiasm for new proposals

proud woman 6
Description: Sad News

woman softened 58
Interpretation of the dream: worrying decrease of energy

submissive woman 28
Translation: recovery of energy

dissolute woman 51
Dream description: danger of deceit

valiant woman 84
Meaning: coincidences

woman seduced 1
Translation of the dream: abundance and richness

woman owl 7
Interpretation: someone you know wants to fuck

ugly woman 50
Sense of the dream: uncertain situation

elder flowered 60
What does it mean: tendency to pessimism

abhor woman 46
Meaning of the dream: mortification

woman upset 60
Description: speculation wrong

landlady woman 43
Interpretation of the dream: moral flexibility

lovable woman 3
Translation: arrogance in love

thighs woman 27
Dream description: explaining to do

woman cry 47
Meaning: need for caution

woman idle 17
Translation of the dream: contrasts continue

sling woman 8
Interpretation: careful not to get caught off guard by your enemies

shameless woman 67
Sense of the dream: documents to be finalized

whipping woman 78
What does it mean: bond without love

woman sews 5
Meaning of the dream: existence agitated

woman injured 61
Description: think about your future

dead woman 11
Interpretation of the dream: Crisis in love

married woman 63
Translation: thwarted love

linen woman 26
Dream description: opposition to overcome

woman sleeping 37
Meaning: Negative thoughts