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Flooding strange house. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream flooding strange house. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

house flooding 50
Meaning of the dream: sign of maturity and growth

flooding of a house 42
Description: deceptions of love

strange case 30
Interpretation of the dream: developing patient

strange coincidence 23
Translation: exceptional events

strange dogs 72
Dream description: hidden enemies

see strange things 55
Meaning: Fortunately in trades

strange attitude 67

wandering in strange roads 28
Interpretation: certainly you reach your goal, but very slowly

meet in a strange place partners 15
Sense of the dream: you do not know you

see flooding 34
What does it mean: pleasant encounters

flooding 27
Meaning of the dream: personal problems

alert for flooding 48
Description: creative spirit

flooding in the country 17
Interpretation of the dream: your achievements love vanish

Flooding in the city 27
Translation: attention to your enemies who want to harm you

flooding of a basement 83
Dream description: sudden illness

Flooding rain 41

flooding of fields 9

Church flooding 39

flooding of roads 85

flooding of land 53

flooding the engine 74
Meaning of the dream: difficulties will be overcome as soon as possible

see a house 89
Description: new friends

new house 3
Interpretation of the dream: invitations pleasant

old house 27
Translation: loss of friends

leave the house 10
Dream description: benefits

beautify the house 18
Meaning: loss of property

lonely house 3
Translation of the dream: high hopes

decorate the house 36
Interpretation: unannounced visits

rent a house 75
Sense of the dream: next arrival of money

fix a house 17
What does it mean: tranquility of mind

to house friends 17
Meaning of the dream: joy in the family

to house nuns 19
Description: craftiness

to house pilgrims 3
Interpretation of the dream: demonstration of loyalty

height of a house 29
Translation: insight in the work

furnish the house of others 87
Dream description: ingenuity at work

bee house 70
Meaning: sudden loss of money

gambling house 11
Translation of the dream: infidelity of friends or partners

the bombing of a house 66
Interpretation: call for decisive action

house burned 32
Sense of the dream: unfounded doubts

House of Representatives 78
What does it mean: tranquility of mind

country house 14
Meaning of the dream: realization of desires

beautiful house 8
Description: successful outcome of negotiations

ugly house 90
Interpretation of the dream: danger of intrigue

small house 11
Translation: new initiatives

big house 25
Dream description: notoriety and prestige

inhabited house 4
Meaning: new responsibilities