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Flooding of roads. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream flooding of roads. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

flooding of roads 85

tarring roads 81
Description: proof of love

tar roads 56

leveling roads 14

fucker roads 4

wandering in strange roads 28
Meaning: certainly you reach your goal, but very slowly

walking in muddy roads 59
Translation of the dream: harassment

addition agent roads 35

see flooding 34
Sense of the dream: pleasant encounters

flooding 27
What does it mean: personal problems

alert for flooding 48
Meaning of the dream: creative spirit

flooding in the country 17
Description: your achievements love vanish

Flooding in the city 27
Interpretation of the dream: attention to your enemies who want to harm you

house flooding 50
Translation: sign of maturity and growth

flooding of a house 42
Dream description: deceptions of love

flooding of a basement 83
Meaning: sudden illness

Flooding rain 41

flooding of fields 9

Church flooding 39

flooding of land 53

flooding the engine 74
Meaning of the dream: difficulties will be overcome as soon as possible

shorten the road 50
Description: presumption

frank mail for abroad 28
Interpretation of the dream: unusual adventure

fix a road 3
Translation: dangerous adventures

widen a road 18
Dream description: freedom from envy

lengthen the road 5
Meaning: loss to the game

ancient road 22
Translation of the dream: nastiness to suffer

cross a road 56
Interpretation: being unstable

crossroads 45
Sense of the dream: You will look for a way to escape a trap and you will have to have courage

find themselves at a crossroads 68
What does it mean: decisions to make

road cyclist 14
Meaning of the dream: favorable changes

railroad train 34
Description: adaptation to circumstances

decorate a road 44
Interpretation of the dream: good business

road mishap 63
Translation: opposition passing

broad beans 78
Dream description: discord, ominous, painful event

fresh broad beans 35
Meaning: overcome adversity

cooked broad beans 37
Translation of the dream: short illness

railroad 22
Interpretation: It is defined along a track toward achieving your goals

Underground Railroad 61
Sense of the dream: dangers lurking

whistle for the road 47
What does it mean: no complications

bottom of the road 1
Meaning of the dream: novelty coming

flee abroad 82
Description: dangerous enemies

railroader 21
Interpretation of the dream: good advice

blocking a road 76
Translation: distrust in the near

dusty road 62
Dream description: sacrifices and privations

meet prior to a road 30
Meaning: danger of leakage

broadcast 11
Translation of the dream: instability of mood