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Flog. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream flog. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

flog 29
Meaning of the dream: you will be offended

drub 20
Description: luck and quiet life

lash out 18
Interpretation of the dream: bad news

electrocute 70
Translation: contrasts to overcome

lash 66
Dream description: wrath

lash in the face 89
Meaning: economic improvement

lash the enemy 38
Translation of the dream: economic improvement

lash in head 17
Interpretation: excellent skills

lash on a man 60
Sense of the dream: significant advancements

redeem himself from blame 6
What does it mean: friendliness friendships

lash out on a woman 78
Meaning of the dream: nervous instability

whipping oxen 31
Description: fortune and career advancement

whipping the ass 67
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows

scourge on the face 87
Translation: skillful speculation

killing 17
Dream description: Instead love, madness, despair

whip up dinner 68
Meaning: exhibitionism exaggerated

be thanked 77
Translation of the dream: I earn

to slap 14
Interpretation: aid neighbors

rummage 14
Sense of the dream: material difficulties

guiding plane 42
What does it mean: repentance

To kick 85
Meaning of the dream: nastiness from relatives

to dive 46
Description: ambitious projects

endure reproaches 14
Interpretation of the dream: excessive criticism

collect blame 81
Translation: small gain

burgle 67
Dream description: misplaced trust

to punch 34
Meaning: collapse of hopes

deserve blame 69
Translation of the dream: next fight

charge the watch 76
Interpretation: expenses limit

attributing blame 78
Sense of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

orientate money 57
What does it mean: complex inner

blame kinship 78
Meaning of the dream: disagree

directing a hotel 6
Description: embarrassment of choice

blame the children 8
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty annoying

direct a newspaper 13
Translation: difficulties of adaptation

blame a friend 18
Dream description: change of program

directing an army 86
Meaning: suffering and distress

ecclesiastical censure 58
Translation of the dream: remarkable progress

directing a factory 56
Interpretation: futile efforts

directing a school 82
Sense of the dream: weakness to be overcome

point a finger 19
What does it mean: lack of discipline

guide to an event 19
Meaning of the dream: misunderstanding in the family

burgle windows 20
Description: misconceptions and misunderstandings

head banging 83
Interpretation of the dream: work unprofitable

directing a magazine 18
Translation: tough fight to sustain

smacking of hands 3
Dream description: Good news

rummage in furniture 88
Meaning: help from a friend

to blame a person known to you 88
Translation of the dream: unexpected gains

blame a person unknown to you 14
Interpretation: you will be betrayed by someone you know

marry off children 31
Sense of the dream: triumph over enemies

avert a greater 26
What does it mean: calm temperament

think again late 26
Meaning of the dream: irritation accentuated

plunging from a bridge 40
Description: difficult relationships

reopening of schools 14
Interpretation of the dream: dynamism and boldness

originally from Milan 78
Translation: things to come

reemerge from the water 49
Dream description: something goes yet settled