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Fledgling outfit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fledgling outfit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

women's outfit 39
Meaning of the dream: good intentions

incipient 83
Description: heartedness and companionship

looks sweet 17
Interpretation of the dream: poverty or misfortune

wedding attire 80
Translation: You will incur bad actions

white attire 11
Dream description: circumstances of fortune

dress uniform 80
Meaning: new opportunities

regional costume 79
Translation of the dream: imagination and fantasy

drunk young girl 73
Interpretation: embarrassments

young girl kissed 56
Sense of the dream: good business

studious young girl 31
What does it mean: the most serious offense and Free

young girl arrested 15
Meaning of the dream: willingness stubborn

young girl kissing 69
Description: vote of confidence

cuirassier in full uniform 50
Interpretation of the dream: strong personality

young girl who works 5
Translation: you are facing a bad time

spacesuit 15
Dream description: novelty in the work

young girl who smokes 18
Meaning: fertility, spiritual development, growth or growth potential

diver who takes away the diving suit 11
Translation of the dream: resourcefulness

of child face 7
Interpretation: success of enterprise

plaything of girl 77
Sense of the dream: happy encounters

fertilize baby 90
What does it mean: you need a lot of help

collarette child 33
Meaning of the dream: unfounded fears

swimsuit 8
Description: great sensitivity

little girl on the swing 21
Interpretation of the dream: good omens

Confirmation of a little girl 6
Translation: sense of responsibility

wet suit 10
Dream description: benefits

buy uniforms 55
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

young girl lying 48
Translation of the dream: amorous desires

new uniform 84
Interpretation: material well-being

military uniform 63
Sense of the dream: Decision and security

men in uniform 69
What does it mean: fears will overcome

wench 10
Meaning of the dream: keep more order in your home

policeman in uniform 53
Description: conclusion of business

airman in uniform 28
Interpretation of the dream: visit sudden or unexpected news, not pleasant

elegant uniform 5
Translation: eventful life

Emperor in uniform 6
Dream description: bond of friendship alive and new

diplomat in uniform 61
Meaning: next trip

virgin girl 84
Translation of the dream: luck and joy

Grand Duke in uniform 40
Interpretation: income small but safe

diver putting the suit 2
Sense of the dream: embarrassing situation

beautiful lass 29
What does it mean: happiness sentimental

kiss the girl 6
Meaning of the dream: happy auspices

dead girl 33
Description: betrayal by employees

admiral in full uniform 15
Interpretation of the dream: lightheartedness

save a girl 2
Translation: issues to be clarified

a blonde girl 43
Dream description: luck in the game

camouflage suit 42
Meaning: Period of nervousness

dance costume 71
Translation of the dream: bad success of an idea

gift from a girl 6
Interpretation: contrariness

be in costume 5
Sense of the dream: sincere affection

historical costume 43
What does it mean: novelty favorable

reception in costume 54
Meaning of the dream: adventures passing

organization 76
Description: nothing can stop the moment of good fortune that awaits the dreamer, gain and prosperity