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Fix the danger. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fix the danger. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fix 42
Meaning of the dream: good chance to boost your work

fix beforehand 8
Description: enthusiasm for new ideas

fix a cabinet 68
Interpretation of the dream: sudden aid

fix a door 18
Translation: envy declared

fix a situation 11
Dream description: punishment inflicted

fix the hair 59
Meaning: secret pain

fix a road 3
Translation of the dream: dangerous adventures

fix a house 17
Interpretation: tranquility of mind

fix something on the wall 21
Sense of the dream: you will be put to shame

fix errors 61
What does it mean: changes of opinion

fix up a house 82
Meaning of the dream: fighting spirit

fix an administration 47
Description: unpleasant discovery

fix children 85
Interpretation of the dream: benefit safe

fix a framework 66
Translation: superficial and fleeting relationships

away from danger 21
Dream description: Excessive pedantry

danger 56
Meaning: sudden changes

be out of danger 18
Translation of the dream: fortitude

notice of a danger 56
Interpretation: sudden changes

face a danger 11
Sense of the dream: pride humbled

aggravation of danger 30
What does it mean: pride punished

perceive a danger 4
Meaning of the dream: lively ambitions

overcome the danger 70
Description: difficult position

escape from danger 43
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected ways out

dodge danger 36
Translation: good health

avert a danger 71
Dream description: love of order

sleepwalker in danger 8
Meaning: intentions and projects

report a danger 11
Translation of the dream: solidarity

survive a danger 18
Interpretation: do not you ever give up

abhor the danger 11
Sense of the dream: need to modernize your thinking

expose to danger 76
What does it mean: excessive voltage

back face of danger 6
Meaning of the dream: Decision to be taken

altar with a crucifix 33
Description: moral resistance

bathe with a dangerous run 5
Interpretation of the dream: disputes

Decision dangerous 40
Translation: unnecessary waiting

crucifix 36
Dream description: joy

pray to the crucifix 88
Meaning: essay about

meet angry or dangerous animal 37
Translation of the dream: family fights for interest

eyes fixed 1
Interpretation: state of inactivity to overcome

fixed price 55
Sense of the dream: ability to exploit

dangerous neighborhood 19
What does it mean: uncertain path

harbor dangerous 32
Meaning of the dream: career advancement

fixed rule 74
Description: days of depression

joke dangerous 37
Interpretation of the dream: joy in family

dangerous road 90
Translation: devotion to work

sell at a fixed price 8
Dream description: little practical sense

affix 72
Meaning: vain illusions

dangerous case 79
Translation of the dream: you have some economic difficulties