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Fitting annular. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fitting annular. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fitting plastic 35
Meaning of the dream: bitter experiences

fitting bone 15
Description: unfavorable prospects

fitting metal 70
Interpretation of the dream: vain hopes

ring finger 1
Translation: hope to marry

fitting broken 87
Dream description: recognition of merit

fitting into one 60
Meaning: requited love

use a fitting 20
Translation of the dream: irritation useless

appropriate remedy 70
Interpretation: positive experience

ring road 8
Sense of the dream: everything is going better

appropriate 13
What does it mean: jealousy caused

assembly 44
Meaning of the dream: Good news

ring ivory 61
Description: Lies harmful

ring emblem 11
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal discovered

dissolve assembly 10
Translation: dangerous initiatives

Assembly line 52
Dream description: you too traditional life

municipal assembly 88
Meaning: morbid anxieties

assembly workers 49
Translation of the dream: lucrative job

appropriate communication 35
Interpretation: jealousy caused

Appropriate compensation 71
Sense of the dream: luck changing

timely arrival 11
What does it mean: happy outcome of the new initiatives

opportune time 38
Meaning of the dream: enviable economic security

timely visit 15
Description: heartbreak

warned in time 42
Interpretation of the dream: sadness not justified by events, pessimism

dodge in time 83
Translation: small gifts

shorten 71
Dream description: quick fix

shorten a path 5
Meaning: quick fix

shorten a speech 70
Translation of the dream: next meeting

shorten work 1
Interpretation: mishaps

shorten a discussion 88
Sense of the dream: avoided damage

to accelerate 37
What does it mean: concerns ending

accelerate the wedding 33
Meaning of the dream: concerns ending

accelerate the speed 2
Description: danger close

accelerate the engine 79
Interpretation of the dream: secret protections

shorten a garment 67
Translation: intemperance

shorten hair 4
Dream description: friendships equivocal

shorten the road 50
Meaning: presumption

luggage seized 32
Translation of the dream: bad character

linen mended 28
Interpretation: end of a concern

hound sleeping 32
Sense of the dream: programs to be reviewed

accelerate the speed the car 18
What does it mean: arrival of relatives

accelerate the speed to the motorcycle 24
Meaning of the dream: Arrival friends

accelerate the race 49
Description: Good news for letter

shorten anything 67
Interpretation of the dream: It is before a small loss

shoeing a horse 26
Translation: happiness in family

be well shod 5
Dream description: profit

bellflower (flower) 66
Meaning: happiness

confiscation 26
Translation of the dream: will come true your forebodings

photomontage 46
Interpretation: altercations

seize or kill owls 4
Sense of the dream: joy

appropriate care 57
What does it mean: upward mobility

recommend appropriate 59
Meaning of the dream: judgments conventional

appropriate observation 76
Description: superficial judgments

seize a tomato 7
Interpretation of the dream: little practical sense

see more on mounts 45
Translation: Luckily nearby

seize a wife 81
Dream description: fulfillment of their wishes

mend 53
Meaning: poverty and misfortune

mending linen 49
Translation of the dream: quiet life

mending clothes 36
Interpretation: major change