Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

fit a garment

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: fit a garment

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29 fit a garment
change of heart

77 fit out
excessive impressionability

55 fit

15 fit in family
healthy insights

61 fit of rage
tenacious feelings

68 fit under the plane trees
safety and physical well-being

67 shorten a garment

90 stretch the garment
amorous deceptions

17 burning a garment
happiness at home

73 revive a garment
opposition will walk

37 garment of reindeer
encouragement from superiors

35 garment discolored
support to be given

46 sewing the garment
high hopes

79 wash the garment
ties unstable

20 use a fitting
irritation useless

15 fitting bone
unfavorable prospects

35 fitting plastic
bitter experiences

70 fitting metal
vain hopes

87 fitting broken
recognition of merit

45 exchange profitable
need for courage

20 maximize benefits
friendships and serenity

39 women's outfit
good intentions

75 divide profits
acceptable proposals

3 benefit
good news

12 palafitte
bright ideas

34 profit
good news

48 profit lawful
Decision to be cultivated

2 make profitable
new energy

38 make profit
obligations to be fulfilled

44 dividing the profit
excessive generosity

84 sacrificing profit
clear ideas

6 reap the benefits of the core

14 benefit income

80 profitable exchange
small loss

43 undergarment
love too distractions

41 profitable
passing infatuation

57 profitable deal
appropriate measures