Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

fishing for anchovy

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: fishing for anchovy

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13 fishing for anchovy
soon a welcome surprise

12 anchovy

13 fresh anchovy

9 go fishing
missteps avoided

44 see someone fishing
you will be betrayed

4 fishing lover
inventive spirit

90 fishing boat
excitement exaggerated

89 Boat Fishing
emotional character

5 fishing tools
awaits loss in your business

11 fishing club
danger of deceit

44 fishing in the river
moments of depression

52 pilchard fishing
new initiatives

84 sailing Fishing
energy and confidence

32 fishing clams
practical help and unexpected

88 utensil fishing
luck in business

38 paranza (fishing boat)
danger of separation

19 fishing boat in harbor
end of a concern

3 fishing boat at sea
advantageous purchases

88 fishing boat with fishermen
interesting relationships

40 fishing boat with fish
Speculation guessed

79 fishing boat sinking
contrasts to overcome

39 fishing boat in the storm
unexpected help

81 fish with the fishing boat
economic benefits

17 Mediterranean fish fishing empty
danger of separation

75 see many anchovies lives

52 barrel with anchovies
fighting spirit

14 see many anchovies
good fortune that you will remember

48 anchorite
happiness in the heart

21 tart with anchovies
resourcefulness and optimism

8 fleet anchored
attitudes too resolute

62 pizza with anchovies
talk to neighbors

54 melancholy
happiness in marriage

67 be at anchor
inner rebellion

60 sheltered anchorage
interesting projects

13 submarine anchor
problems to be solved

75 anchovies lives
you re afraid of being teased

41 anchovies cooked
deterioration of romantic relationships

3 eat anchovies
sexual desire