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Fishing clams. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: fishing clams

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fishing clams 32
Meaning of the dream: practical help and unexpected

clams 42
Dream Interpretation: practical help and unexpected

buy clams 10
Meanings of dreams: viable projects

eat clams 57
Dream Interpretations: improvement of position

pasta with clams 72
What does this mean: fickle mood

go fishing 9
What does it mean: missteps avoided

see someone fishing 44
Meaning of the dream: you will be betrayed

fishing lover 4
Dream Interpretation: inventive spirit

fishing boat 90
Meanings of dreams: excitement exaggerated

Boat Fishing 89
Dream Interpretations: emotional character

fishing tools 5
What does this mean: awaits loss in your business

fishing club 11
What does it mean: danger of deceit

fishing in the river 44
Meaning of the dream: moments of depression

pilchard fishing 52
Dream Interpretation: new initiatives

sailing Fishing 84
Meanings of dreams: energy and confidence

utensil fishing 88
Dream Interpretations: luck in business

fishing for anchovy 13
What does this mean: soon a welcome surprise

fishing hook 33

boatman fishing 56

Ice Fishing 87

fishing line 65

paranza (fishing boat) 38
Meaning of the dream: danger of separation

fishing boat in harbor 19
Dream Interpretation: end of a concern

fishing boat at sea 3
Meanings of dreams: advantageous purchases

fishing boat with fishermen 88
Dream Interpretations: interesting relationships

fishing boat with fish 40
What does this mean: Speculation guessed

fishing boat sinking 79
What does it mean: contrasts to overcome

fishing boat in the storm 39
Meaning of the dream: unexpected help

fish with the fishing boat 81
Dream Interpretation: economic benefits

Mediterranean fish fishing empty 17
Meanings of dreams: danger of separation

proclamation 86
Dream Interpretations: They will suffer bad things

proclamation of war 60
What does this mean: strife and discord in the family

read a proclamation 8
What does it mean: rivalry to deal

acclamation 48
Meaning of the dream: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

cyclamen 33
Dream Interpretation: loss of a friendship

cyclamen forest 4
Meanings of dreams: loss of a friendship

Greenhouse cyclamen 58
Dream Interpretations: stagnation in business

cyclamen potted 55
What does this mean: ailment passenger

cyclamen withered 88
What does it mean: economic improvement

give a cyclamen 11
Meaning of the dream: maturation of projects

buy a cyclamen 17
Dream Interpretation: insincerity harmful

receive a cyclamen 41
Meanings of dreams: awareness of their merits

exclamation 87
Dream Interpretations: novelty providential

exclamation of joy 34
What does this mean: novelty providential

exclamation of surprise 89
What does it mean: imagination and fantasy

exclamation of rage 75
Meaning of the dream: coldness and detachment

exclamation of hatred 55
Dream Interpretation: friendships helpful

exclamation of despair 6
Meanings of dreams: better future

burst into exclamations 11
Dream Interpretations: success on opponents

okay exclamation of approval 39
What does this mean: victories

clam chowder 87
What does it mean: to clarify misunderstandings

acclamation do 21

acclamation claim 3

acclamation receive 7

proclamation desired 48