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Firefly in the hair. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream firefly in the hair. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

firefly in the hair 30
Meaning of the dream: spirit of initiative creativity and ideas

Firefly 6
Description: new ideas creativity and positive solutions

firefly flying 19
Interpretation of the dream: many contrasts

firefly luminary 26
Translation: frivolous thoughts

take a firefly 42
Dream description: desire to find new stimuli

Firefly in hand 27
Meaning: do not miss an opportunity positive

Firefly at home 88
Translation of the dream: new life in the family

insects nested in his hair 20
Interpretation: bad omens

hair braid 1
Sense of the dream: enticing illusions

Oil on the hair 16
What does it mean: coming wonders

friction to the hair 58
Meaning of the dream: unexpected rescue

instant hair loss 20
Description: unconscious fears

combing her hair 70
Interpretation of the dream: victory over difficulties

hair in order 65
Translation: You have a clear idea

stringy hair 22
Dream description: small problems

flowing hair 33
Meaning: success in business

straight hair 36
Translation of the dream: affable character

oily hair 44
Interpretation: false news

lengthen hair 70
Sense of the dream: Friends simulators

lock of hair 16
What does it mean: you are very in love with someone

Hair dead 29
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated optimism

redyeing hair 7
Description: working capacity

fix the hair 59
Interpretation of the dream: secret pain

hair falling 15
Translation: waste of money

combing with very long hair 81
Dream description: Victories

tuft of hair 62
Meaning: support and protection

headbands hair 14
Translation of the dream: too many thoughts and responsibilities

tangle of hair 65
Interpretation: fears and jealousy

Hair dye 38
Sense of the dream: sudden problems

hair 11
What does it mean: sexual virility, seduction and sensuality

calls can hair 50
Meaning of the dream: there's still something that does not convince you

bleached hair 24
Description: contrasts between spouses

drying her hair with a hair dryer 63
Interpretation of the dream: seeks to reflect more in special situations

matted hair 6
Translation: protections equivocal

gray hair 31
Dream description: meetings of value

short hair 1
Meaning: serenity in family

long hair 81
Translation of the dream: good luck

Thinning hair 49
Interpretation: you have to solve a pressing problem

dry hair 63
Sense of the dream: instability of mood

ringed hair 77
What does it mean: jealousies

sprout hair 17
Meaning of the dream: loss of physical energy

tearing hair 43
Description: happy marriage

shave the hair 3
Interpretation of the dream: painful loss

grab by the hair 89
Translation: family trouble

shorten hair 4
Dream description: friendships equivocal

burning hair 1
Meaning: dynamism reduced

ruffling hair 17
Translation of the dream: honor deserved

wash your hair 71
Interpretation: victory over enemies

dissolve the hair 23
Sense of the dream: you rid of an annoying person

see people with matted hair 52
What does it mean: good omen in business