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Fire station. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fire station. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fire station 50
Meaning of the dream: repressed feelings

firefighters on the fire engine 78
Description: ambitious desires

crowds of firemen 76
Interpretation of the dream: concerns family

firefighters 56
Translation: concerns family

fire truck 32

radio station 58
Meaning: pleasant trip

firefighters in action 76
Translation of the dream: Battle Won

fire chief 12
Interpretation: wealth luck

Firefighters on the ladder 20
Sense of the dream: self-confidence

station master 37
What does it mean: complications in friendship

porter Station 51
Meaning of the dream: aid from friends

animal station 30

station clock 17
Interpretation of the dream: appreciations hasty

railway station 76
Translation: thou shalt well-being from your wisdom

train station 50
Dream description: novelty coming

maritime station 75
Meaning: patiently waiting

call the fire department 76
Translation of the dream: disagreements loving

station bar 49
Interpretation: fads

abortion in station 82

vestibule of the station 34
What does it mean: important meeting

input of a station 14
Meaning of the dream: important meeting

locomotive in station 1

stationary steam train at station 17
Interpretation of the dream: processes in which you will have full right and win

alarm fire 84
Translation: liberation from boring people

wagon stopped at the station 45
Dream description: unnecessary apprehensions

petrol station 10
Meaning: increase in revenue

barrack 23
Translation of the dream: alarm useless

bombing on the railway station 60
Interpretation: affirmation of one's originality

go to the station 90
Sense of the dream: next trip

center 20

People at the station 5

cavalry barracks 27
Description: need help

delivered to barracks 12

medical center 31

spend the night at the station 71
Dream description: errors to be repaired

go to the police station 8
Meaning: businesses difficult

center of gravity 62

get out of the police station 58
Interpretation: hidden links

fire extinguisher 85
Sense of the dream: peace between people in conflict

police station 5
What does it mean: alarm useless

station wagon (car) 66
Meaning of the dream: happy event

city ​​fire 8
Description: obstacles to overcome

barracks on fire 31
Interpretation of the dream: suspicions and jealousies

exit the station 6
Translation: nervousness and anxiety

handed over to the police station 81

articulate the body 65

save someone from the fire 13
Translation of the dream: luck in business

take center in a rifle shot 16
Interpretation: you have found the right way to your accommodation

body 32
Sense of the dream: your level of self-esteem

big body 9
What does it mean: Understanding sentimental

dead body 23
Meaning of the dream: joy and well-being

small body 2
Description: hidden enemies

holy body 80

scratching the body 87
Translation: dissatisfaction and insecurity

rub the body 67

medium body 20
Meaning: tough business

military body 35

religious body 21

freezing the body 57
Sense of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

hurt the body 24

wrap the body 59

wiggle the body 81

organs of the body 21
Interpretation of the dream: birth of a child

lathering the body 69