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Fire someone. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fire someone. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fire someone 43
Meaning of the dream: cut ties with someone negative

save someone from the fire 13
Description: luck in business

Fire cast 48
Interpretation of the dream: intolerance and nervousness

knock someone 6
Translation: lack of prudence

approach someone 65
Dream description: you ll have a new relationship

shoving someone 17
Meaning: work stress

stab someone 25
Translation of the dream: defend yourself from an attack

brighten someone 56
Interpretation: great time in love

shoot someone 5
Sense of the dream: heartbreak

track someone 13
What does it mean: assistance of friends and good luck

deface someone 31
Meaning of the dream: Your action will leave a mark

silence someone 3
Description: you have too much arrogance

intimidate someone 52
Interpretation of the dream: Perhaps you will be a little more humble

fire gallery 29
Translation: contested goods

fire day 46
Dream description: dangers to watch out

fire an employee 10
Meaning: uncontrolled shaking

see someone wrecked 26
Translation of the dream: your marriage is in danger

see someone hanged 77
Interpretation: persecution

go into the fire 56
Sense of the dream: projects contrasted

spit fire 56
What does it mean: dangerous risks

look like someone 3
Meaning of the dream: others influence you too

goodness someone 19
Description: expect big disappointments

burn someone 24
Interpretation of the dream: problems for your business

recompense 45
Translation: Decision affected by someone

fire 8
Dream description: something new is entering your life

shave someone 16
Meaning: provocation not collect

rekindle the fire 42
Translation of the dream: definitive realization

seeing fire 47
Interpretation: changing environment

poke the fire 59
Sense of the dream: too much anger

tease someone 40
What does it mean: you can not hold back the impetus

infernal fire 18
Meaning of the dream: suffering and repentance

masturbate someone 72
Description: sexual problems

replace someone 40
Interpretation of the dream: tries to be less moralistic

roaring fire 8
Translation: vivacity of ideas

cauldron on the fire 50
Dream description: income from a business

fire in the fireplace 5
Meaning: melancholy

scramble someone 3
Translation of the dream: you are afraid of not being loved enough

fire goes out 32
Interpretation: economic difficulties

stab someone with a weapon 18
Sense of the dream: economic difficulties and meetings unwelcome

get rid of someone 63
What does it mean: tightness that you are living in the reality

deceive someone 13
Meaning of the dream: something is unrequited in love

see someone running desperately 52
Description: serious inner problems

misjudge someone 85
Interpretation of the dream: you re always reckless

subjugate someone 77
Translation: try to be more humble

escort someone 48
Dream description: next meeting

seeing someone die 7
Meaning: abandonment and sadness

see someone running 34
Translation of the dream: moderates impulsivity

see someone running in a race 27
Interpretation: you want to win at all costs a challenge