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Fir. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fir. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fir 11
Meaning of the dream: good omen; fortune

see many fir 68
Description: success in business

see a dry fir 18
Interpretation of the dream: heartache

turpentine fir 24
Translation: fluke

fir timber 57

stack firewood 24
Meaning: abundance

light a fire 45
Translation of the dream: cheerfulness

firing up of coal 47
Interpretation: good business

accept splitting firewood 88
Sense of the dream: contrasts

buy firewood 1
What does it mean: intolerance

bundle firewood 12
Meaning of the dream: luck in business

affirm the true 20
Description: Useful experiences

affirm a principle 60
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous stubbornness

affirm an idea 9
Translation: jealousy discovery

crowds of firemen 76
Dream description: concerns family

fireplace andirons 2
Meaning: passion diminished

alarm fire 84
Translation of the dream: liberation from boring people

firm swing 44
Interpretation: stagnation in business

firearm 43
Sense of the dream: unforeseen expenses

fired arsenal 8
What does it mean: risk investment

gunner firing 79
Meaning of the dream: work well rewarded

taste the first fruits 15
Description: plenty of money

make sure against fires 84
Interpretation of the dream: faithfulness in love

battery firing 88
Translation: nervousness accentuated

first flight 32
Dream description: assiduity in work

bivouac with fires 42
Meaning: contrasts in love

forest on fire 56
Translation of the dream: excessive self-concept

embers in the fireplace 30
Interpretation: risky experiments

brazier with fire 89
Sense of the dream: unexpected situations

musket fire the trigger 11
What does it mean: Good luck in the hunt

fireworks 18
Meaning of the dream: instant joy

be injured by fireworks 65
Description: theft

poke the fire 59
Interpretation of the dream: too much anger

see fireball or meteor in the night 41
Translation: great good news

falling into the fire 41
Dream description: good resolutions

hot fire 89
Meaning: quarrels among relatives

heat of fire 10
Translation of the dream: false hope

roaring fire 8
Interpretation: vivacity of ideas

fireplace with firewood 3
Sense of the dream: increase vitality

fireplace with paper 67
What does it mean: support to be given to a young man

marble fireplace 5
Meaning of the dream: hopes failed

brick fireplace 55
Description: contrasts with the family to avoid

fireplace copper 88
Interpretation of the dream: to overcome prejudices

antique fireplace 86
Translation: artificial attitudes

warm up by the fireplace 90
Dream description: happy events

fireplace that smokes 18
Meaning: high honors deserved

fireplace burned 83
Translation of the dream: Reduced physical endurance

fire off 55
Interpretation: inconstancy affections

light fire 43
Sense of the dream: inventive spirit

cook in the fireplace 84
What does it mean: healthy aspirations to conquer

walking on fire 78
Meaning of the dream: Place shelter to an error

clean fireplace hood 70
Description: possibility of new jobs

prison infirmary 61
Interpretation of the dream: important events

farmhouse fire 41
Translation: problematic situations

fire station 50
Dream description: repressed feelings

barracks on fire 31
Meaning: suspicions and jealousies

call the fire department 76
Translation of the dream: disagreements loving

church with confirmation candidates 45
Interpretation: new aspirations

circus on fire 50
Sense of the dream: dissensions for interest

city ​​fire 8
What does it mean: obstacles to overcome

appears for confirmation 31
Meaning of the dream: dreams come true

confirm 18
Description: melancholia

confirm a doubt 57
Interpretation of the dream: melancholia

confirming a suspected 73
Translation: poor relations

confirm the facts 14
Dream description: lasting friendships

confirm the words 9
Meaning: considered judgments

confirm an invitation 67
Translation of the dream: organizational talent

confirm an appointment 21
Interpretation: clumsiness

confirm a judgment 1
Sense of the dream: obstacles in the profession