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Finish first competition. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream finish first competition. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hold a competition 85
Meaning of the dream: condescension harmful

competition 13
Description: harmony in everything

prepare for a competition 29
Interpretation of the dream: negotiations rather long

first plate 65
Translation: changes in family

competition exam 90
Dream description: lively insight

first flight 32
Meaning: assiduity in work

competition notice 57
Translation of the dream: new interests

sports competition 65
Interpretation: unrequited love

finish a dress 16
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings in family

enter a contest 29
What does it mean: efforts unprofitable

pay the first installment 82
Meaning of the dream: energy and enthusiasm

first grandchild 77
Description: need protection

winning a contest 74
Interpretation of the dream: next trip

taste the first fruits 15
Translation: plenty of money

qualified first 1
Dream description: inconstancy reports

passage of sporting competition 70
Meaning: Excessive fantasy

want first fruits 80
Translation of the dream: safe decisions

contest 60
Interpretation: pugnacity

first-class carriage 90
Sense of the dream: agreements to be taken

swim in competition with others 64
What does it mean: difficult relationships

lay the foundation stone 40
Meaning of the dream: trouble with the law

buy first fruits 16
Description: You can dispute

give first fruits 21
Interpretation of the dream: moodiness

arrive on foot 29
Translation: goodness and fortune

freshman 70
Dream description: great nervous tension

end a trip 51
Meaning: seriousness and reflection

quit the hovel 46
Translation of the dream: dangerous friendships

denounce theft 3
Interpretation: danger of missteps

states before 1
Sense of the dream: satisfaction

arrive on time 44
What does it mean: false

end a dispute 8
Meaning of the dream: impaired health

firstfruits 66
Description: plenty of money

first mate 25
Interpretation of the dream: you are responsible for many people

ending a discord 24
Translation: lack of reflection

terminate a contract 51
Dream description: advantageous purchases

to reach the destination 60
Meaning: you do not feel gratified at work

seize place 6
Translation of the dream: disloyalty on the part of a woman

place card 59
Interpretation: limits must ports

place tie 50
Sense of the dream: prosperity earned

come 83
What does it mean: moderating your desires

beautiful place 5
Meaning of the dream: health ailments passengers

place of memories 4
Description: slow improvement

lovely place 70
Interpretation of the dream: dangers

exotic place 88
Translation: bitter experience

hoarding a place 12
Dream description: happiness upset

recognize a place 68
Meaning: from health check

reach a place 46
Translation of the dream: Pending disturbing

important place 8
Interpretation: unrest and persecution

resign from one place 25
Sense of the dream: remarkable self-control

place to place 16
What does it mean: enmity

come from far away place 55
Meaning of the dream: blessing and good luck

go to an unknown place 4
Description: Merry Company

reconnoiter a place of day 23
Interpretation of the dream: malevolent criticism