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Fingers missing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fingers missing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

missing 30

missing word 9
Description: you are too insincere to take chances

locking up someone who is missing 75
Interpretation of the dream: depression

comb missing teeth 18
Translation: fill in a complex situation

mention your fingers 5
Dream description: vanity

count on the fingers 9
Meaning: cunning and guile

clean fingers 69
Translation of the dream: recovery of health

dirty fingers 84
Interpretation: dangerous waste of money

biting her fingers 86
Sense of the dream: sorrows of love

have more than five fingers to the hand 27
What does it mean: novel alliance, friendship, luck, profit, legacy

fingers aching 1
Meaning of the dream: joy

burn your fingers 4
Description: envy

fingers cut 76
Interpretation of the dream: loss of friends or servants

cut your fingers 61
Translation: damage

lick your fingers 11
Dream description: to overcome shyness

hands without fingers 67
Meaning: severe loss

snapping of fingers 72
Translation of the dream: recognition in the work

amputated fingers 30

stick your fingers 2

ringed fingers 64

callus on his fingers 62

have disproportionately long fingers 4
Description: unhappy marriage

being cut off the tips of the fingers 23
Interpretation of the dream: dishonor, loss or discord with your

amputate a finger 83
Translation: intrigues of friends

ring on her finger 79
Dream description: reconciliation family

act of submission 19
Meaning: protection of elderly

have ring with agate stone on the finger 11
Translation of the dream: good omen for the family

ring finger 1
Interpretation: hope to marry

commissioner 19
Sense of the dream: bond of friendship alive and new

Commissioner of Public Safety 80
What does it mean: bond of friendship alive and new

technical commissioner 54
Meaning of the dream: deep emotion

Commissioner sports 16
Description: illusions and disillusions

Commissioner of exams 9
Interpretation of the dream: disputes with superiors

commission 43
Translation: indulgence of children

Commission of Inquiry 90
Dream description: indulgence of children

military commission 76
Meaning: excellent health

make a commission 17
Translation of the dream: vague sense of unease

dismissing a visitor 6
Interpretation: harmony of relationships

appoint a commission 1
Sense of the dream: support from relatives

thimble on her finger 67
What does it mean: criticism and gossip

finger 5
Meaning of the dream: Know yourself is a means to obtain a good gain

hand finger 27
Description: good health

feet finger 6
Interpretation of the dream: happy union

finger with ring 68
Translation: windfalls

pointing with his finger 72
Dream description: loss of friends

finger with gold ring 17
Meaning: possessions, honors and riches

bring jade (hard stone) to the finger 58
Translation of the dream: luck in the game

index (finger) 66
Interpretation: not always look to others, you have a lot to improve in yourself

permission 76
Sense of the dream: unnecessary controversy

ask for permission 11
What does it mean: loss of property

grant permission 7
Meaning of the dream: repressed impulses

preside over a commission 26
Description: complications

pay a commission 77
Interpretation of the dream: visits and invitations pleasant

collecting commission 60
Translation: discussions with opponents

commission for a sale 43
Dream description: new ideas

commission for a purchase 8
Meaning: general improvement

scrub your fingernails 18
Translation of the dream: loss of money

fingertip 39
Interpretation: benevolence of superiors

point a finger 19
Sense of the dream: lack of discipline

missile 44
What does it mean: trouble

not having a fingertip 77
Meaning of the dream: lacks sensitivity