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Fingers cakes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fingers cakes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ringed fingers 64
Meaning of the dream: improvised by the children

fingers aching 1
Description: joy

clean fingers 69
Interpretation of the dream: recovery of health

fingers cut 76
Translation: loss of friends or servants

biting her fingers 86
Dream description: sorrows of love

snapping of fingers 72
Meaning: recognition in the work

hands without fingers 67
Translation of the dream: severe loss

order cakes 75
Interpretation: rules to follow

dirty fingers 84
Sense of the dream: dangerous waste of money

have disproportionately long fingers 4
What does it mean: unhappy marriage

burn your fingers 4
Meaning of the dream: envy

stick your fingers 2
Description: wealth

cut your fingers 61
Interpretation of the dream: damage

knead cakes 72
Translation: vanity and ostentation

sweet cakes 20
Dream description: joy

baked cakes 41
Meaning: susceptibility

mention your fingers 5
Translation of the dream: vanity

lick your fingers 11
Interpretation: to overcome shyness

count on the fingers 9
Sense of the dream: cunning and guile

have more than five fingers to the hand 27
What does it mean: novel alliance, friendship, luck, profit, legacy

bake cakes 15
Meaning of the dream: disorderly situation

see or bake cakes 20
Description: joy and gain

callus on his fingers 62
Interpretation of the dream: new phase of personal life

table with cakes 6
Translation: exaggerated pessimism

toes 17
Dream description: uncomfortable trip

bring out cakes 23
Meaning: postponement of projects

being cut off the tips of the fingers 23
Translation of the dream: dishonor, loss or discord with your

rice crackers 1
Interpretation: you're trying to find something meaningful where there is no

shaped cake 16
Sense of the dream: unenthusiastically

cut the cake 22
What does it mean: next trip

layer cake 12
Meaning of the dream: joys family

finger with gold ring 17
Description: possessions, honors and riches

point a finger 19
Interpretation of the dream: lack of discipline

taste sweet 86
Translation: fraud

cake 3
Dream description: misery

fingertip 39
Meaning: benevolence of superiors

cutting the cake 42
Translation of the dream: excessive caution

buns with cream 3
Interpretation: fears and anxieties passing

take the cake 3
Sense of the dream: shrewdness in business

hot focaccia 46
What does it mean: future revenue money

wedding cake 3
Meaning of the dream: happy moments

bake the cake 10
Description: love declaration

get the cake 88
Interpretation of the dream: efforts with a happy ending

eat cake 60
Translation: good health

Chocolate Cake 40
Dream description: physical discomfort

give the cake 8
Meaning: precarious economic situation

make the cake 83
Translation of the dream: satisfaction and rest

slice of cake 6
Interpretation: family party

cake with cocoa 16
Sense of the dream: cheerfulness

serve the cake 74
What does it mean: lifelong friends

little finger 76
Meaning of the dream: superficiality of judgment

cake made with chestnut flour 90
Description: good news

finger 5
Interpretation of the dream: Know yourself is a means to obtain a good gain