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Find gold pendants. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream find gold pendants. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

find gold 28
Meaning of the dream: immediate realization

find earrings 62
Description: to avoid speculation

find an archaeological find 86
Interpretation of the dream: physical balance

find lambs 40
Translation: process gained

find bones 75
Dream description: painful contrasts

find range 62
Meaning: commitments not to be forgotten

gold pendant 68
Translation of the dream: support effective

find Pearl 25
Interpretation: They will meet sorrows and disappointments

Fork Gold 20
Sense of the dream: breaking agreements

find cents 2
What does it mean: indigence

gold plates 29
Meaning of the dream: ambitions fulfilled

coveting gold 31
Description: waivers to do

gold earrings 8
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty passing

see the gold 45
Translation: sadness and melancholy

give gold 62
Dream description: family concerns

sale of gold 22
Meaning: initiatives to be put off

find 15
Translation of the dream: new facets of a relationship

lose gold 54
Interpretation: professional life positive

gold snuff 51
Sense of the dream: need to economize

find silver 57
What does it mean: false flattery

tape on the gold 82
Meaning of the dream: decisions, courage

find coins 28
Description: encouragement valid

find socks 29
Interpretation of the dream: new possibilities

find fulfillment 52
Translation: happy time

find scissors 2
Dream description: confusion for too many projects

find gloves 31
Meaning: novelties and gifts

find letters 10
Translation of the dream: deception

find a stick 49
Interpretation: enthusiasm brief

find topaz 20
Sense of the dream: sorrows in family

find shoes 9
What does it mean: sudden change

find diamonds 34
Meaning of the dream: loss

find platinum 80
Description: realization

impact on gold 15
Interpretation of the dream: He dreamed by a young terror panic personal danger. He dreamed of an old languor and misery

glass gold 90
Translation: rapid collapse of illusions

chiselling gold 14
Dream description: Progress slow but sure

wrought gold 90
Meaning: contention for interest

Column Gold 86
Translation of the dream: next sorrows

look for gold 19
Interpretation: futile illusions

ciborium gold 25
Sense of the dream: great fortune

frog gold 10
What does it mean: sad days

find skeleton 46
Meaning of the dream: depression

pouring gold 89
Description: new gains

pencil gold 29
Interpretation of the dream: to avoid misunderstandings

stealing gold 11
Translation: fruitless efforts

find snake in the bed 70
Dream description: a broken love

find a ring 25
Meaning: rapid conclusions

burnish gold 25
Translation of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

find a nail 61
Interpretation: realization of hopes

find the necklace 6
Sense of the dream: backbiting and gossip

find an umbrella 55
What does it mean: pleasant meeting

find a knife 30
Meaning of the dream: choice to make

gold powder 64
Description: danger of deception

beat the gold 47
Interpretation of the dream: artificial attitudes

Gold filings 67
Translation: turn into love

tabernacle of gold 33
Dream description: beautiful new friendships