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Financier fell wounded. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream financier fell wounded. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

financier wounded 10
Meaning of the dream: happy occasion

financier 14
Description: desire for friendships or relationships in order to receive the benefit

financier armed 45
Interpretation of the dream: errors of assessment

financier dead 60
Translation: conclusions expectations

financier in barracks 66
Dream description: important meetings

financier at customs 31
Meaning: seriousness of purpose

financier marching 77
Translation of the dream: position to be clarified

arrogant financier 65
Interpretation: next hurdles to overcome

financier who flees 25
Sense of the dream: work to streamline

financier who chases 2
What does it mean: reconciliation with an enemy

financier with women 69
Meaning of the dream: new offers

financier bank 44
Description: sudden sympathy

financier team 27
Interpretation of the dream: dispersive activities

drunk financier 28
Translation: offenses to counter

financier killed 75
Dream description: profits and satisfaction

cyclist fell 42
Meaning: Business fade

shelf fell 16
Translation of the dream: misunderstandings in the family

pylon fell 37
Interpretation: complications in labor

fell ill 47
Sense of the dream: disease

acrobat fell 50
What does it mean: strong-willed temperament

curtain fell 20
Meaning of the dream: voltage increase

fell a tree 35
Description: Luckily the game

balcony fell 80
Interpretation of the dream: you are the victim of gossip

child fell 90
Translation: indecision dangerous

candlestick fell 13
Dream description: Good news

casino fell 9
Meaning: next wedding

horseman fell 80
Translation of the dream: always seeks the most simple and natural aspects of life

candle fell 75
Interpretation: lose good opportunities

coachman fell 15
Sense of the dream: high aspirations

fell ass 13
What does it mean: gain that fades

fell for the fatherland 6
Meaning of the dream: sudden death of a relative

fell for a boost 67
Description: serious concerns

heron wounded 49
Interpretation of the dream: prudence with collaborators

lift a wounded 11
Translation: protections from higher

ambulance with one wounded 63
Dream description: astuteness

sick wounded 42
Meaning: sensuality exaggerated

Admiral wounded 76
Translation of the dream: protection to be given

gunner wounded 32
Interpretation: prudence with expenses

assist a wounded 69
Sense of the dream: precautions exaggerated

wounded woodcock 42
What does it mean: mental laziness

robber wounded 43
Meaning of the dream: curiosity satisfied

wounded horse 74
Description: embarrassments and opposition

wounded deer 20
Interpretation of the dream: hostility in family

wounded boar 78
Translation: easy achievements

wounded dove 4
Dream description: Work nagging

Colonel wounded 30
Meaning: deception as to avoid

fighter wounded 78
Translation of the dream: quarrels short

wounded hawk 90
Interpretation: infidelity by a woman

gull wounded 28
Sense of the dream: small disturbances