Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

filthy rags

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: filthy rags

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45 filthy rags
inner joy

17 filthy
betrayal, disgrace

16 filthy hovel
major change

38 be soiled or filthy

43 amass rags
ill-intentioned people

88 bale of rags
knowledge important

74 white rags

89 colored rags
forces decreasing

71 wash rags
family concerns

13 rally rags
conflicts and quarrels

87 bag rags
dispute with family

67 collect rags
hard work

70 collection of rags
support and loans

52 lots of rags
union advantageous

12 dirty rags
question to be resolved

83 clean rags
fluctuating fortune

22 wool rags
moments of despair

75 buy rags
compromises dangerous

6 sell rags
measure and realism

54 filth
luck in business

41 fuck filth
abandonment of the father or marital home