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Fill a glass. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fill a glass. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fill a glass 42
Meaning of the dream: wise security

fill a lot 4
Description: calculation

fill the pipe 81
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

fill the basin 49
Translation: overcoming of obstacles

fill a bag 24
Dream description: bad relationships

fill a bottle 30
Meaning: quiet character

fill an aquarium 7
Translation of the dream: skulduggery

fill a barrel 26
Interpretation: affective inconstancy

fill the shelf 10
Sense of the dream: momentary enthusiasm

full glass 75
What does it mean: greed for money

fill the tub 37
Meaning of the dream: good chance

fill your suitcase 57
Description: momentary happiness

fill the vat 58
Interpretation of the dream: useful exchange of ideas

large glass 43

fill the dustbin 17
Dream description: material aid

water glass 1
Meaning: repentance useless

touch a glass 40
Translation of the dream: dangerous temptation

Fill a bucket 65
Interpretation: your emotional and financial situation will improve

contemplated in a glass 54
Sense of the dream: disillusion

fill boiler 9

fill 49
Meaning of the dream: honors

fill a tooth 15
Description: grief and loss

glass of land 83

fill of pasta 8

fill to the brim 9
Dream description: optimism

replace a glass 80
Meaning: great wisdom and prudence

wine in the glass 16
Translation of the dream: Understanding family

give a glass 9
Interpretation: Coincidentally

glass of tin 52

glass of wood 18

glass of metal 52
Meaning of the dream: Health unstable

glass of iron 58

fill of bread 87
Interpretation of the dream: spiritual maturity

fill the salt shaker 85
Translation: minded

empty glass 48
Dream description: affections safe

fill of fruit 26
Meaning: exaggerated sentimentality

fill of wine 6
Translation of the dream: exuberance and friendliness

break a glass 81
Interpretation: danger of scams

liqueur glass 38
Sense of the dream: enthusiasm for good news

glass of chalice 51
What does it mean: vanity excessive

fill a sink 58
Meaning of the dream: obstacles to be removed

fill tank 37
Description: excellent chance

fill out a card 14
Interpretation of the dream: nervousness exaggerated

colored glass 44
Translation: great imagination

fill of meat 44
Dream description: strong critical sense

opaque glass 88
Meaning: infatuation of short duration

goblet of glass 55
Translation of the dream: difficult relationship

glass with poison 37

fill a need 34
Sense of the dream: money coming

filling vessels 74

filling his mouth 11
Meaning of the dream: insecurity

dirty glass 15
Description: yearning for the beautiful

clean glass 18
Interpretation of the dream: attitudes safe

cracked glass 15
Translation: dangerous head shots

wineglass 10
Dream description: Good news coming

fill up 14
Meaning: kindness of friends

misted glass 56

Unbreakable glass 23
Interpretation: positive days

glass Silver 48
Sense of the dream: restriction of personal freedom

glass gold 90
What does it mean: rapid collapse of illusions

casting glass 51

scrape glass 45
Description: request for favors

glass with handle 17

Murano glass 44
Translation: opportunities curtailed

the bottom of the glass 19