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Fibula bone. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fibula bone. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fusing bone 62
Meaning of the dream: lasting stability

Flax bone 56
Description: crushes

bone 41
Interpretation of the dream: slight indisposition

snuff bone 2
Translation: disappointment and sadness

scrape a bone 21
Dream description: perplexity and waiting

whale bone 82
Meaning: vanity will damage

button bone 39
Translation of the dream: wins sensational

nut bone 76
Interpretation: antagonism and hostility

chain of bone 12
Sense of the dream: Project realizations

buckle bone 36
What does it mean: agitated life

eyewear bone 82
Meaning of the dream: great susceptibility

teaspoon bone 70
Description: fortitude

ring bone 10
Interpretation of the dream: next advantage

hip bone 68
Translation: soon a welcome surprise

gnaw on the bone 41
Dream description: are you trying to find useless things

whistle bone 18
Meaning: opposition from family

spoon bone 11
Translation of the dream: postponement of projects

fitting bone 15
Interpretation: unfavorable prospects

fork bone 51
Sense of the dream: false testimonies of affection

gnawing on a bone 41
What does it mean: care

stick with bone pommel 45
Meaning of the dream: you re surrounded by enemies

thimble bone 78
Description: undue reliance

staid bone 22
Interpretation of the dream: painful decisions

remove bone 55
Translation: slight indisposition

splint bone 85
Dream description: magnanimity and intelligence

castrated see remove the bone 11
Meaning: joy

dog with the bone 84
Translation of the dream: friendship poorly paid

bone comb 32
Interpretation: vanity exaggerated

pipe bone 59
Sense of the dream: lightheartedness

femur 90
What does it mean: You want to get back what you lost

burnt bones 66
Meaning of the dream: bad omens

find bones 75
Description: painful contrasts

bury bones 78
Interpretation of the dream: misfortune

gnaw bones 46
Translation: certain ruin

cheekbone 51
Dream description: sadness

bones of dead 32
Meaning: pains and hardships

fossil bones 16
Translation of the dream: initiative risky

Stake bones 61
Interpretation: wishes that come true

human bones 66
Sense of the dream: loss of a loved one

braised veal 66
What does it mean: period of sadness

ivory 10
Meaning of the dream: misery

boneless 80
Description: you will find many obstacles in your resolutions

orthopedic 30
Interpretation of the dream: you need assistance for families

orthopedics 85
Translation: like surprises

ivory white 78
Dream description: strong sense of responsibility

broken bones 67
Meaning: business disruption

bones of men 66
Translation of the dream: death of girls

jawbone of an ass 33
Interpretation: good luck

Roast chicken bones 30
Sense of the dream: You are trying in every way to remedy a situation

play and win with dice 9
What does it mean: ance from a relative

worked ivory 36
Meaning of the dream: confusion and difficulty

chicken drumstick 12
Description: do not give attention to unimportant people

broken femur 17
Interpretation of the dream: period of sadness

cherry pit 31
Translation: women gossip