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Fiasco banana. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fiasco banana. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fiasco broke 24
Meaning of the dream: disagreement with themselves

inflate fiasco 54
Description: unfair competition

fiasco without straw 65
Interpretation of the dream: risky business to avoid

fiasco 10
Translation: new achievements

new fiasco 73
Dream description: satisfactions by a son

throw away a banana 21
Meaning: period of spiritual reflection

banana 43
Translation of the dream: symbol of the male sexual organ

eating banana 50
Interpretation: sexual desire

essence of banana 66
Sense of the dream: alarming news

bottle of bleach 61
What does it mean: threats without following

banana peel 30
Meaning of the dream: rivalry in love

peel bananas 22
Description: minor setbacks

flask of oil 68
Interpretation of the dream: praiseworthy quality

flask of wine 21
Translation: new achievements

bottle of vinegar 7
Dream description: financial trouble

plane tree 21
Meaning: Your time

failure fertilization 8
Translation of the dream: happiness in family

cure a failure 62
Interpretation: business cheated

fail to duty 5
Sense of the dream: false security

Association of arts 33
What does it mean: welfare

theater artist of visual arts 78
Meaning of the dream: you want to have the opportunity to express your imagination

to hug 58
Description: need for affection

lonely house 3
Interpretation of the dream: high hopes

silver lighter 36
Translation: You have regrets of the past

lacing silver 25
Dream description: illness of a relative

loosen the collar 33
Meaning: excessive polemical spirit

student of painting 69
Translation of the dream: overwhelming logic

lover of the fine arts 4
Interpretation: fortitude

silver amulet 55
Sense of the dream: disappointments in work

Silver Ring 41
What does it mean: annoying friends

silver 51
Meaning of the dream: It symbolizes the moon, intuition and feminine aspects of yourself

Silver worked 15
Description: change of position

Silver beaten 44
Interpretation of the dream: lost objects

Enameled arsenal 27
Translation: unexpected benefit

silver basin 86
Dream description: realizable unexpected

stick with a silver knob 6
Meaning: momentary whims

coat collar 11
Translation of the dream: envy masked

collar turned up 33
Interpretation: accuracy in doing the job

get up the collar 18
Sense of the dream: sense of justice

take someone by the collar 29
What does it mean: vain hopes of the heart

glass Silver 48
Meaning of the dream: restriction of personal freedom

blazon of silver 83
Description: False fears

silver goblets 78
Interpretation of the dream: lightness in business

silver button 38
Translation: resentment to overcome

silver bracelet 38
Dream description: secret vices

silver brocade 69
Meaning: aspirations unfulfilled

owning silver tool 1
Translation of the dream: prevent improved conditions

silver pot 10
Interpretation: deserved awards

silver inkstand 34
Sense of the dream: to overcome adversity

Silver Chalice 83
What does it mean: ambition fulfilled

sage of calligraphy 80
Meaning of the dream: mediocre location

silver bell 45
Description: clarity of ideas

put in a column 30
Interpretation of the dream: you lack the right level of detail in the work

silver candlestick 51
Translation: excessive impulsiveness