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Ferry departing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ferry departing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ferry-boat (ferry) 88
Meaning of the dream: favorable long trips

see the ferry 15
Description: you know you can count on a friend

ferry 85
Interpretation of the dream: aid of people who do not need them

ferry on boat 47
Translation: You spend some nice hours

wagon departing 81
Dream description: exciting adventure

train departing 40
Meaning: minded

track with train departing 75
Translation of the dream: nice trip

airport with planes departing 84
Interpretation: good resolutions

early departure 26
Sense of the dream: fanciful dreams

sudden departure 34
What does it mean: hard work

differ departure 8
Meaning of the dream: malicious gossip

departure of the ship 68
Description: work still long and tiring

departure of aircraft 59
Interpretation of the dream: amorous adventures

departure of relatives 29
Translation: difficulty passing

postpone a departure 8
Dream description: gossip and slander

grieve for a departure 5
Meaning: tenacious rancor

cheerfulness for a departure 2
Translation of the dream: attention to the throat

starting line 26
Interpretation: awaits a difficult test

starting signal 53
Sense of the dream: vivid imagination

departure of soldiers 88
What does it mean: important letter coming

indulgence starting 26
Meaning of the dream: certainly you reach your goal, but very slowly

Starting plane 16
Description: legitimate aspirations

departure 22
Interpretation of the dream: await new experiences

floating raft 66
Translation: danger and misfortune

starting married 83
Dream description: affirmation slow but sure

Starting Friends 17
Meaning: probable visits

delaying a start 86
Translation of the dream: anxiety secret

starting whistle 21
Interpretation: right choice and prudent

yacht (yacht) 66
Sense of the dream: good news

drying steam 57
What does it mean: Fortunately some

Driving a Car 89
Meaning of the dream: independent character

high-sounding phrase 45
Description: scruples exaggerated

yacht 66
Interpretation of the dream: being near

lifeboat 27
Translation: lack of reflection

farewell emigrant 9
Dream description: Fortunately constant

win the regatta 90
Meaning: obstacles in family

conceal a start 38
Translation of the dream: unwelcome surprises

hasten starting 24
Interpretation: hopes dashed

be on a lifeboat 58
Sense of the dream: differences in work

basketball match 39
What does it mean: joys ahead

participating in a regatta 10
Meaning of the dream: abrupt change

deciding a start 11
Description: lack of sincerity

shipwrecked on a lifeboat 32
Interpretation of the dream: sorrow mixed with hope

be boating on the lake 15
Translation: prestige rising

Starting in person 58
Dream description: poverty, death

starting gear for soldiers 76
Meaning: fortune in businesses

boat that leaves 45
Translation of the dream: unfavorable successful your business

Epiphany coming out of the chimney 10
Interpretation: dynamism exaggerated

Riviera that comes out of the room 64
Sense of the dream: danger to life

notice of a danger 56
What does it mean: sudden changes

join a conspiracy 36
Meaning of the dream: sorrows