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Fellow photographer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fellow photographer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

photographer 89
Meaning of the dream: period of reflection on the present life

press photographer 33
Description: Useful travel

fellow student 43
Interpretation of the dream: change the way we live

humiliate a colleague 81
Translation: wounded pride

discredit a colleague 85
Dream description: economic concerns

wary of a colleague 48
Meaning: inhibitions and complexes

fellow soldier 11
Translation of the dream: opposition in family

fellow prisoner 26
Interpretation: next trip

discord among fellow 1
Sense of the dream: birth of a child

companion 37
What does it mean: laziness and poverty

workmate 37
Meaning of the dream: discord in the family

dirty companion 53
Description: thwarted love

meet a fellow villager 66
Interpretation of the dream: joy and gladness

fellow citizen 8
Translation: lively insight

school mate 56
Dream description: momentary embarrassment

good companion 70
Meaning: generous enthusiasm

bad companion 68
Translation of the dream: wrong operations

faithful companion 55
Interpretation: self confidence

companion false 82
Sense of the dream: correspondence unpleasant

cheat a partner 2
What does it mean: immediate realization

companion in misfortune 64
Meaning of the dream: honest work

comrade of Collegiate 12
Description: slow but sure rise

quarrel with the partner 36
Interpretation of the dream: the love that binds you is very strong

cataloguer 85
Translation: poverty future

countryman plowing 34
Dream description: good advice from older

countryman drunk 11
Meaning: bad intentions

boyfriend hurt 81
Translation of the dream: realization of desires

healthy boyfriend 4
Interpretation: unexpected event

countryman pruning 48
Sense of the dream: practical decisions

burn a guy 87
What does it mean: cheerfulness unjustified

illustrated bible 62
Meaning of the dream: calm and balance

aviator who lands 36
Description: new horizons

guy has an argument 22
Interpretation of the dream: desire for power

roommate 83
Translation: News coming soon

mate college 79
Dream description: Good news

fallow deer 90
Meaning: Good news

first mate 25
Translation of the dream: you are responsible for many people

comrade crazy 45
Interpretation: need to escape

accomplice thief 18
Sense of the dream: You want to get rid of a bad habit

accomplice arrested 47
What does it mean: excellent prospects for life

removal of spouses 29
Meaning of the dream: there is no peace or serenity to face life, you will want to escape from a painful situation

accomplice sentenced 17
Description: tiring ascent

take a partner 75
Interpretation of the dream: new and interesting experiences

honest partner 1
Translation: decisions to return

Comrade hospice 22
Dream description: afflictions in love

radiate a partner 65
Meaning: really deserved awards

comrade to hospital 50
Translation of the dream: consolation to relatives

bow to partner 35
Interpretation: you are passive in a relationship

away from spouses 29
Sense of the dream: disappointments in love

companion orgies 13
What does it mean: pains and sadness

Division of spouses 63
Meaning of the dream: cheating dangerous

bed with spouses 63
Description: decrease of vitality

matter between spouses 4
Interpretation of the dream: lack of generosity

animal that mates 1
Translation: demonstration of loyalty in the work

smuggler with an accomplice 47
Dream description: Please obtained

accomplice of a theft 38
Meaning: waste of money