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Fell winning. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fell winning. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shelf fell 16
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings in the family

coachman fell 15
Description: high aspirations

acrobat fell 50
Interpretation of the dream: strong-willed temperament

child fell 90
Translation: indecision dangerous

candlestick fell 13
Dream description: Good news

horseman fell 80
Meaning: always seeks the most simple and natural aspects of life

pylon fell 37
Translation of the dream: complications in labor

balcony fell 80
Interpretation: you are the victim of gossip

cyclist fell 42
Sense of the dream: Business fade

fell for a boost 67
What does it mean: serious concerns

fell for the fatherland 6
Meaning of the dream: sudden death of a relative

curtain fell 20
Description: voltage increase

casino fell 9
Interpretation of the dream: next wedding

candle fell 75
Translation: lose good opportunities

winning the game 29
Dream description: loss of friends

enrich for winning 23
Meaning: love declaration

fell ass 13
Translation of the dream: gain that fades

winning a contest 74
Interpretation: next trip

happy for winning 6
Sense of the dream: uncontrolled shaking

fallen log 25
What does it mean: dangerous fantasies

win at poker 33
Meaning of the dream: disappointment and concerns

winning the lottery 61
Description: waste of money

elm fallen 31
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels of love

make proud for winning 76
Translation: nerves to control

fell a tree 35
Dream description: Luckily the game

winning racehorse 75
Meaning: pain and bitterness

smuggler dropped 36
Translation of the dream: disappointments and suffering

win at cards 30
Interpretation: pride and exhibitionism

win the jackpot 74
Sense of the dream: economic disadvantages

win with cunning 2
What does it mean: vain illusions

desire to win 2
Meaning of the dream: Love for children

fallen from a title 88
Description: difficulty in communicating

armed winning 37
Interpretation of the dream: lightness in speech

dropped cluster 77
Translation: unforeseen obstacles

fell ill 47
Dream description: disease

joy for a win 90
Meaning: fleeting achievements

win checkers 42
Translation of the dream: patience in working

fallen stilt 60
Interpretation: excesses to be avoided

plane crashed 16
Sense of the dream: breaking one bond

win at Rummy 44
What does it mean: considerations incorrect

win a game 40
Meaning of the dream: hopes failed

win a trophy 10
Description: reactions proud

win the quintet 21
Interpretation of the dream: illusions that fade

win a bet 40
Translation: shyness

win at the bingo 52
Dream description: choice to make

win a wolf 18
Meaning: complete triumph on the same

win a battle 84
Translation of the dream: remarkable self-control

win the war 7
Interpretation: good friendships

win in tressette 54
Sense of the dream: wrong impressions

fallen oak 31
What does it mean: quarrels of love

to win both 40
Meaning of the dream: jewelry

win a court case 37
Description: fear of tomorrow

win the regatta 90
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles in family