Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

feel like crying

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: feel like crying

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17 feel like crying
success in love

90 see others crying
unnecessary fears

54 abbot crying
New appointments

57 lover crying
animosity justified

86 sick crying
growth of assets

20 eagle crying
be wary of all

40 crying baby
happiness reached

15 jailer crying
uncontrolled passion

60 damn crying
long wait patient

56 woman crying
goal achieved

3 girl crying
serious difficulties

71 curb crying
opportunity for revenge

54 mother crying

13 He died crying
negative experience

15 crazy crying
welcome gift

70 crying in pain
next joy

49 prisoner crying
plans to change

15 healthy crying
generous impulses

2 man crying
quarrelsome spirit

27 old woman crying
considerable difficulties

60 widow crying
heavy responsibilities and obligations

65 65 - Smorfia classic: crying

75 feel
inability to express their feelings

29 feel the gag

35 feel beautiful
guilt trip

11 feel the breeze
happy encounters

11 see or feel hero

7 feel jealousy
happiness in love

77 feel stench

23 feel strong
You will be submitted

68 feel at peace
tormenting suspicions

3 feel threatened
spirit cautious

49 feel pity
sense of security

60 feel pleasure
distrust in the near

2 feel no smell

69 feel anger
bereaved family

72 feel regret
appointment to return

29 feel softened

32 feel gratitude
contrasts with the elderly

4 feel hungry
talk to relatives

6 feel hot
change of situation

40 feel repugnance
thwarted love

6 feel cold
powers of observation

13 feel dirty
welfare and prosperity

13 feel good

54 feel sick

2 to feel a trifle
you feel out of place

49 feel the pulse
suffering durable

5 feel your arms
objectivity of judgment

2 feel shame
heavy occupations

55 feel the truth
support to an older person

75 feel playing harp
false illusions

23 feel pain in the arms
business will be interrupted

59 feel a stranger in the family
small misunderstandings

2 feel your feet scrape by someone
not to listen to flatterers

7 who feel croaking frogs

55 feel playing the trumpet
good prospects

11 feel playing the waltz
changing character

16 feel explain the gospel
calm and balance

5 feel pinch and itchy skin
you have gold and silver

15 scary place but do not feel dismay
all proceed by the best in the business

19 eat and feel the scent of Mandarin
pleasant novelty

54 feel hurt or pain in body parts
long health

9 feeling bad

77 dislike
six unpopular, by your superiors

54 feeling wet
hope ill-founded

25 vacuum cleaner like to do cleaning

31 look like something
objects that you own are very important to you

3 look like someone
others influence you too

69 feeling guilty
new guidelines

73 feeling cold
disloyalty on the part of a woman