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Feel hurt or pain in body parts. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream feel hurt or pain in body parts. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

feel hurt or pain in body parts 54
Meaning of the dream: long health

gangrene more body parts 13
Description: work and numerous family

hurt the body 24

hurt or shoulder pain 78
Translation: Next disagree with relatives

feel pain in the arms 23
Dream description: business will be interrupted

spare parts 11
Meaning: attention to the next few errors that do

auto parts 30
Translation of the dream: support in other circles too

to hurt 29
Interpretation: painful disappointments

hurt the beast 17
Sense of the dream: thwarted love

teeth hurt 41
What does it mean: postponements and delays

hurt by the sword 12
Meaning of the dream: projects vanished

hurt with the gun 42
Description: deceptions and sadness

hurt with a gun 11
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous trip

hurt for honor 77
Translation: cunning speculation

feign hurt 79
Dream description: greater dynamism

hurt the larynx 43
Meaning: clashes of views with your loved one

consenting to hurt 17

robbed hurt 30

hurt lover 49

boyfriend hurt 81


brother hurt 24

hurt the hand 76

hurt husband 19

general hurt 50

gymnastic hurt 84

hunchback hurt 55

inflated to hurt 32

lip hurt 11

feet hurt 90

Pope hurt 88

heel hurt 88

feel 75
Description: inability to express their feelings

pain 13
Interpretation of the dream: contentment of someone far

feel the gag 29
Translation: gain

feel beautiful 35
Dream description: guilt trip

feel the breeze 11
Meaning: happy encounters

see or feel hero 11
Translation of the dream: virtue

feel jealousy 7
Interpretation: happiness in love

feel stench 77
Sense of the dream: ache

feel strong 23
What does it mean: You will be submitted

feel at peace 68
Meaning of the dream: tormenting suspicions

feel threatened 3
Description: spirit cautious

feel pity 49
Interpretation of the dream: sense of security

feel pleasure 60
Translation: distrust in the near

feel no smell 2
Dream description: insensibility

feel anger 69
Meaning: bereaved family

feel regret 72
Translation of the dream: appointment to return

feel softened 29
Interpretation: infirmity

feel gratitude 32
Sense of the dream: contrasts with the elderly

feel hungry 4
What does it mean: talk to relatives

feel hot 6
Meaning of the dream: change of situation

feel repugnance 40
Description: thwarted love

feel cold 6
Interpretation of the dream: powers of observation

feel dirty 13
Translation: welfare and prosperity

feel good 13
Dream description: dangers