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Feeding the pigeons. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream feeding the pigeons. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

breed pigeons 69
Meaning of the dream: trouble with a woman

pigeons cooked 50
Description: risks and carelessness

travelers pigeons 13
Interpretation of the dream: Pleasant surprise

pigeons cooing 56
Translation: arrangements with relatives

roast pigeons 43
Dream description: your business is the worst

pigeons 44
Meaning: business on good foot

flock of pigeons 22
Translation of the dream: negative issues in love

pigeons at home 63
Interpretation: lucky in love

basket for pigeons 8
Sense of the dream: that appearances are deceiving

pack of pigeons 56
What does it mean: prosperity and gain

brood of pigeons 53
Meaning of the dream: difficulties will be overcome as soon as possible

pair of pigeons 32
Description: good relations with relatives

pigeons in the square 70
Interpretation of the dream: new ideas

dead pigeons 65
Translation: bouts of depression

pigeons on the window 1
Dream description: real solutions

cage with pigeons 6
Meaning: repair of a fault

carry pigeons on the table 74
Translation of the dream: next trip

caged pigeons 44
Interpretation: prudence with a friend

watering hole with pigeons 6
Sense of the dream: mistrust and pessimism

pigeons hatching 36
What does it mean: major projects

barn with pigeons 21
Meaning of the dream: successful successful

pigeons on the roof 84
Description: prosperity and well-being

pigeons of other colors 52
Interpretation of the dream: joy and money in sight

feeding a bird 47
Translation: You go in company

feeding horses 56
Dream description: novelty favorable

feeding a sick person 9
Meaning: self confidence

feeding cats 17
Translation of the dream: disappointments secret

feeding birds 2
Interpretation: agreements unnecessary

feeding pigs 82
Sense of the dream: sacrifices to bear

feeding calves 37
What does it mean: bright future

feed a swan 85
Meaning of the dream: happiness in love

feed a pig 82
Description: sacrifices

feed an old 27
Interpretation of the dream: sense of justice and humanity

feed an enemy 74
Translation: exhibitionism

feed a woman 5
Dream description: right ambitions

white doves 7
Meaning: fortune

feeding bottle with water 68
Translation of the dream: want to escape

feed a man 28
Interpretation: activities discontinuous

give food 26
Sense of the dream: minor setbacks

feed a child 27
What does it mean: achieving a goal

feed a beggar 71
Meaning of the dream: serious relationships

feed a stranger 50
Description: pulses to curb

feed the poor 87
Interpretation of the dream: entry money

feed a sorceress 15
Translation: you do well your business

feed children 78
Dream description: physical

pigeon house or dovecote 87
Meaning: you get married soon

nourish hatred against someone 15
Translation of the dream: good friendships

to feed 62
Interpretation: minor setbacks

Food on a pig 82
Sense of the dream: sacrifices to bear

blossomed 67
What does it mean: you are happy

nourishment 80
Meaning of the dream: displeasure

to adapt 27
Description: inventive spirit

behold breastfeed 60
Interpretation of the dream: Decision to be taken