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Fatherfiring rifle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fatherfiring rifle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

rifle 3
Meaning of the dream: refrained from arguing

target with rifle 76
Description: resumption of business

shoot with rifle 70
Interpretation of the dream: disease

bayonet rifle 27
Translation: help in need

empty rifle 43
Dream description: solitary character

rifle stolen 31
Meaning: thoughts and concerns

Rifle target 66
Translation of the dream: new forces

mouth rifle 48
Interpretation: excessive pessimism

hang rifle 22
Sense of the dream: pride and pride

Military rifle 17
What does it mean: unjust lawsuit

broken rifle 64
Meaning of the dream: business proposals

rifle theater 22
Description: poor luck

threatened with rifle 7
Interpretation of the dream: depth of thought

injure with the rifle 11
Translation: dangerous trip

rifle discharge 90
Dream description: dangerous hazards

rifle butt 6
Meaning: overvaluation of dangers

machine gun (rifle) 29
Translation of the dream: clashes with family

pinning a rifle 10
Interpretation: equal footing

pointing a rifle 50
Sense of the dream: unforeseen events

antique rifle 53
What does it mean: stormy life

rifle shot 48
Meaning of the dream: Councils concerned

soldier with rifle 71
Description: News coming soon

detonation of a rifle 14
Interpretation of the dream: talk to neighbors

rifle capsule 61
Translation: compromises dangerous

rifle bullet 60
Dream description: ephemeral achievements

wield a rifle 60
Meaning: requests unwelcome

rifle Navy 16
Translation of the dream: aspirations to the domain

take center in a rifle shot 16
Interpretation: you have found the right way to your accommodation

hitting an animal with a rifle shot 70
Sense of the dream: illness not serious but annoying

shotgun 60
What does it mean: sudden decisions

rifleman 65
Meaning of the dream: guilt for something real

bang firing 90
Description: harmful thoughts

gunner firing 79
Interpretation of the dream: work well rewarded

Grenadier firing 60
Translation: unjust accusations

torpedo firing 17
Dream description: serious disagreements

Baker firing 65
Meaning: hard time

gunboats firing 10
Translation of the dream: difficult days

hunter shooting 30
Interpretation: Excessive pedantry

firecracker shooting 80
Sense of the dream: needless anger

battery firing 88
What does it mean: nervousness accentuated

father injured 41
Meaning of the dream: missteps

father scolding 63
Description: regret late

father saddened 6
Interpretation of the dream: right choice

unnatural father 73
Translation: interesting friends

drunken father 21
Dream description: restlessness and nervousness

rich father 90
Meaning: belated remorse

spiritual father 71
Translation of the dream: pleasant surprise

strict father 2
Interpretation: advice to accept

legitimate father 78
Sense of the dream: happy news

father arrested 9
What does it mean: marriage thwarted

kissing father 9
Meaning of the dream: next change

loving father 90
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

father works 87
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately unstable

call the father 54
Translation: positions of responsibility

father who beats 35
Dream description: wise resolution