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Family group. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream family group. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

family group 46

group 7
Description: next misery

mountaineer in a group 71
Interpretation of the dream: threat of danger

being part of a group 15
Translation: good deals

see a group of deer 19
Dream description: many friendships

group of people 11
Meaning: fallacious illusions

group of animals 7
Translation of the dream: joys family

group of soldiers 18
Interpretation: exceptional willpower

school group 77
Sense of the dream: amorous betrayals

Group evasion 76

group of letters 2

group of boys 22

group of statues 17

group of birds 53

group of men 11

group photo 57

encourage group of people against other 45
Translation of the dream: you will be called to testify

travel in group (with friends) 50
Interpretation: chatter

family 15
Sense of the dream: personal success

his family 42
What does it mean: new important facts

not to have a family 41
Meaning of the dream: loneliness

away from family 10

little family 90

abandoned by family 18
Translation: personal success

Take a bite with the family 15
Dream description: economic benefits

fit in family 15
Meaning: healthy insights

banquet in family 34
Translation of the dream: quarrels

head of family 3
Interpretation: depth of thought

family chapel 25
Sense of the dream: ties with foreigners

family home 42
What does it mean: new knowledge

dine in family 80
Meaning of the dream: serenity and confidence

family council 63
Description: momentary successes

ruling family 70
Interpretation of the dream: support for older people

dinner in family 28
Translation: new projects

discord in the family 70
Dream description: reconciliation

dishonoring the family 80
Meaning: solitude and meditation

separation from family 54
Translation of the dream: tendency to rebellion

duty to the family 50
Interpretation: new projects

the sacred family 1
Sense of the dream: Peace of mind

large family 75
What does it mean: important protections

poor family 17
Meaning of the dream: new projects

wealthy family 4
Description: sweeping changes

leave the family 58
Interpretation of the dream: economic difficulties

quarrel in the family 53
Translation: deceptions of women

family party 60
Dream description: status uncertain

bereaved family 60
Meaning: talent and skills

see their happiness in family 54
Translation of the dream: serenity

see their family leave 17
Interpretation: Discussions with serious consequences

see their family grow 6
Sense of the dream: good omen

see their family in white 86
What does it mean: wealth

see their family in black 51
Meaning of the dream: misery

see their family speaks 35
Description: listen to it

see their family calling you 61
Interpretation of the dream: you feel guilty

many people in their family 35
Translation: despair

honor the family 15
Dream description: tests estimate

family heritage 10
Meaning: concerns

baby in the family 61
Translation of the dream: beginning of a new period

family relationship 50
Interpretation: important meeting

saddened by a family 18
Sense of the dream: concrete proof of solidarity

royal family 13
What does it mean: Success in business

search for a family 49
Meaning of the dream: brilliant location

disown the family 13
Description: impulsiveness detrimental

sacrifice for the family 59
Interpretation of the dream: passing clouds

family secret 37
Translation: serious responsibility

escape to family 31
Dream description: unnecessary quarrels

suppress family 82
Meaning: quarrels dangerous

support the family 78
Translation of the dream: physical

Family fee 38
Interpretation: reconciliation with relatives

family grave 11
Sense of the dream: unfounded fears

tombola family 60
What does it mean: possibility of travel

transcend with family 66
Meaning of the dream: lamentable failure

neglecting family 70
Description: presumption excessive