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Falling into the hands of a murderess. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream falling into the hands of a murderess. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

falling into the hands of a murderess 87
Meaning of the dream: concerns from relatives loved ones

murderess arrested 33
Description: quarrels and gossip

repented murderess 62

conspired murderess 74

judging murderess 83

convicted murderess 60
Meaning: loss of prestige

murderess executed 43
Translation of the dream: deep sorrow

murderess 44
Interpretation: false and envious friends

murderess in jail 44
Sense of the dream: suffering in love

killers fall into their hands 2
What does it mean: lose money in speculation or illness of a family member

fall in the hands of a robber 5
Meaning of the dream: you ll lose some of your loved ones

report a murderess 36
Description: indiscretion of friends

disarm a murderess 18
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassing situation

capture a murderess 24
Translation: reckless actions

wounded murderess 58

murderess killed 27

murderess prison 79

fugitive murderess 56

see a murderess 37
Sense of the dream: inner torment

beaten on the hands 76

light off in the hands of others 89
Meaning of the dream: Your enemies are not, hide the fact remains occult and evil

hands 5
Description: Fortunately incoming

clean your hands 40
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in family

flour the hands 46
Translation: good business

warm up your hands 55
Dream description: dangerous fantasies

falling into the fire 41
Meaning: good resolutions

wound on the hands 45
Translation of the dream: processing projects

imprint of hands 1

look at your hands 26
Sense of the dream: infirmity

blow in the hands 88
What does it mean: You receive gifts

keep your hands in your pocket 7
Meaning of the dream: excessive intolerance

tingling in hands 69
Description: money coming

clean hands 67
Interpretation of the dream: conclusion of a deal

wounded hands 59
Translation: waste of money

warm hands 18
Dream description: active force

beautiful hands 11
Meaning: favorable relations

nails of hands 62
Translation of the dream: duties to perform

hands of man 6
Interpretation: conciliatory spirit

scratched hands 14
Sense of the dream: guilt trip

hands burned 20

arms without hands 53

see hands 28
Description: honors

ruffle hands 54

cold hands 14
Translation: vacillating resolutions

hands cut 16

cool hands 6
Meaning: deep bitterness

caressing hands 43
Translation of the dream: It feels the need to help a person

burning hands 10
Interpretation: excessive dynamism

cripple the hands 90

dry hands 3
What does it mean: false

smacking of hands 3
Meaning of the dream: Good news

hands clasped 26
Description: inconstancy in love

freezing hands 77
Interpretation of the dream: lack of courage

abrasion hands 37
Translation: sad news

scratch hands 31
Dream description: inconstancy and levity in the affections

soaping hands 20
Meaning: goal reached

hands with gloves 54

see burning torches in the hands of others 71
Interpretation: You discover the misdeeds that they will find their punishment, for how cunning you take to avoid it

hands be tied 75

woman hands 22
What does it mean: momentary depression