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Fall to a wedding. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fall to a wedding. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

congratulations for a wedding 77
Meaning of the dream: desire for revenge

toast for a wedding 16
Description: personality influenced

spoiling a wedding 86
Interpretation of the dream: uncertain business

cancel a wedding 59
Translation: intrigue friends

joy for a wedding 21
Dream description: false mirages in business

rejoice for a wedding 18
Meaning: enmity to win

accompany a wedding 53
Translation of the dream: next inheritance

Mayor celebrating a wedding 8
Interpretation: sentimental serenity

bell ringing for a wedding 32
Sense of the dream: impediments in family

advise against a wedding 31
What does it mean: romantic love

elegant wedding 55
Meaning of the dream: irresolute character

fall into a ravine 90
Description: speculation guess

fall into the well 83
Interpretation of the dream: vivacity of spirit

go to the wedding 28
Translation: waste of money

Wedding invite 17
Dream description: to avoid rumors

accelerate the wedding 33
Meaning: concerns ending

tight (wedding ceremony) 55
Translation of the dream: authorities

witness at the wedding 14
Interpretation: difficult relationships

fall on the peel 35
Sense of the dream: events pleased

wedding feast 13
What does it mean: skirmishes of love

sit at wedding 53
Meaning of the dream: heritage in view

fall in oil 76
Description: fighting spirit

fall in church 31
Interpretation of the dream: good intentions to follow

wedding lunch 37
Translation: emotional intensity

appears wedding 67
Dream description: chat with neighbors

fall in the hay 13
Meaning: exaggerated optimism

eve of the wedding 2
Translation of the dream: gay life

fall in wine 52
Interpretation: changes of opinion

fall in the mud 46
Sense of the dream: changes in future

fall in the straw 27
What does it mean: prudence with neighbors

plow next wedding 3
Meaning of the dream: formal notice of this dream that always bearer of ailments

fall into a pit 47
Description: good health

fall in any one haul 20
Interpretation of the dream: concern for personal problems

fall into the ground 11
Translation: need for more diplomacy

fall into the sea 82
Dream description: lack of enthusiasm

fall from the trapeze 23
Meaning: danger of errors

break a wedding favor 2
Translation of the dream: some problems in love

fall 56
Interpretation: comfort and awards

fall by tram 90
Sense of the dream: quarrels between friends

Wedding dragees 54
What does it mean: controlled pulses

wedding favors 80
Meaning of the dream: major change

shotgun wedding 80
Description: something is wrong in the marriage relationship

wedding candy 66
Interpretation of the dream: shameful servitude

see fall the antenna 56
Translation: small annoyances inevitable

fall into a hole 15
Dream description: disease

fall into a moat 16
Meaning: you have fallen into a trap

arrange a marriage 79
Translation of the dream: career advancement

ornament wedding 60
Interpretation: Action countered

fall in beer 27
Sense of the dream: problems to be solved

fall in a puddle 11
What does it mean: death of a relative