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Fall of the upper teeth. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fall of the upper teeth. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

splice teeth 44
Meaning of the dream: missed opportunity

sick of teeth 5
Description: marriage, inheritance, profitable business

wig fall 22
Interpretation of the dream: indulgence of children

Fluxion of teeth 35
Translation: attention to the coming dangers

beast fall 14
Dream description: creative spirit

rising teeth 35
Meaning: sudden obstacle

headache of teeth 90
Translation of the dream: disease

particle fall 60
Interpretation: animosity useless

mitigate the fall 48
Sense of the dream: jealousy and contrasts

brush your teeth 1
What does it mean: donations from relatives

window fall 6
Meaning of the dream: growth and health

compass fall 68
Description: ingratitude of children

language fall 59
Interpretation of the dream: good family relations

Straddle teeth 11
Translation: you feel annoyed by someone

eradicate more teeth 33
Dream description: difficult situations

collect a person fall 74
Meaning: jealousy and pain

dome fall 88
Translation of the dream: money that will come soon

comb missing teeth 18
Interpretation: fill in a complex situation

fall running 14
Sense of the dream: perseverance in work

leaf fall 80
What does it mean: illness of a family member

rake without teeth 80
Meaning of the dream: lost happiness

long teeth 38
Description: depression and melancholy

clean teeth 70
Interpretation of the dream: good new home

cushion a fall 67
Translation: serenity of spirit

seeing fall 35
Dream description: you re not up to the task and you realize

false teeth 32
Meaning: professional problems

very white teeth 23
Translation of the dream: very positive period

rip off your teeth 26
Interpretation: collapse of your security

cut with teeth 16
Sense of the dream: threat of damage

fall table 43
What does it mean: unscrupulousness

talking between his teeth 24
Meaning of the dream: vanity wound

white teeth 1
Description: lucky fate

black teeth 14
Interpretation of the dream: external protection

teeth hurt 41
Translation: postponements and delays

fake teeth 35
Dream description: lack of sincerity

die for fall 65
Meaning: misgivings

beautiful teeth 35
Translation of the dream: gradual improvement

perfect teeth 88
Interpretation: travel plans

bad teeth 20
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings in family

Yellow teeth 56
What does it mean: loss of relatives or friends

see hail fall 36
Meaning of the dream: sorrows and anxieties

brush for teeth 10
Description: emotional bonds to strengthen

comb with all teeth 30
Interpretation of the dream: business difficult to solve

teeth of animals 90
Translation: good health

condescend to the upper 22
Dream description: lightening of weights

offend superiors 21
Meaning: lack of privacy

Fall of the House 5
Translation of the dream: divisions in the family

give to superior 90
Interpretation: protection or elevated to a prominent place

an amiable upper 70
Sense of the dream: disloyalty of friend

lying to superiors 88
What does it mean: novelty worrying

away from superiors 15
Meaning of the dream: poor health

arguing with superiors 1
Description: fickle mood