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Fall hole land. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fall hole land. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fall into a hole 15
Meaning of the dream: disease

hole dead 45
Description: trip likely

hole shrimp 36
Interpretation of the dream: Discussions with an elderly person

dig a hole 55
Translation: debts to pay

put in the hole 6
Dream description: small problems to solve

collect land 16
Meaning: exceptional strength

hole of crabs 61
Translation of the dream: family disgrace

prompter in the hole 83
Interpretation: mental laziness

redeem land 39
Sense of the dream: accentuated selfishness

little hole 47
What does it mean: prosperous business

glass of land 83
Meaning of the dream: excessive pride

amassing land 57
Description: support to be given to relatives

own land 76
Interpretation of the dream: irrepressible vitality

swallows land 45
Translation: wisdom of the groom or the bride

pave land 46
Dream description: extravagant ideas

assess land 74
Meaning: inner satisfaction

see the land sown with millet 13
Translation of the dream: great riches

hole 40
Interpretation: misfortune, bad luck

fall into the ground 11
Sense of the dream: need for more diplomacy

red shrimp take the hole 42
What does it mean: wrong operation

settle land 87
Meaning of the dream: confused

land 11
Description: protection and affection will come from a person close

Holy Land 5
Interpretation of the dream: surprise and unexpected

land in a desert island 8
Translation: heartbreak

land measure 35
Dream description: constancy in work

pilgrimage to the holy land 39
Meaning: change of position

land sown 22
Translation of the dream: benefits from work

fox hole 39
Interpretation: loss of security

grassy land 43
Sense of the dream: happy omen for the dreamer

make a hole 4
What does it mean: you are close to a legacy

opening of land 27
Meaning of the dream: laziness and poverty

plug a hole 4
Description: emotional arousal

hole in front 15
Interpretation of the dream: fears for what will happen

fall in oil 76
Translation: fighting spirit

land snail 56
Dream description: find difficulties to organize your schedule

snails in the land 38
Meaning: still so much work to do

fall into a pit 47
Translation of the dream: good health

hole of the court 55
Interpretation: disturbing thoughts

uncultivated land 5
Sense of the dream: economic concerns

taproot of land 12
What does it mean: sound principles

heaping earth 75
Meaning of the dream: good news

fall into the crater 18
Description: shady business

fainting, seeing someone fall 29
Interpretation of the dream: You receive benefits from strangers

bless the earth 53
Translation: incomes

widen the earth 5
Dream description: You do many debts

ground rent 24
Meaning: bond happy

fall 56
Translation of the dream: comfort and awards

bequest of land 67
Interpretation: support to be given to relatives

fall in the hay 13
Sense of the dream: exaggerated optimism

barter of land 48
What does it mean: incompatibility of character

sell land 2
Meaning of the dream: tension and concerns

donut with a hole 78
Description: profitable activities