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Fall from the hands object. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream fall from the hands object. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

gold object 16
Meaning of the dream: decisions to return

search for an object 47
Description: imaginative wishes

abandon an object 2
Interpretation of the dream: godsend

make an object 61
Translation: surprises with money

fish out an object 18
Dream description: selfishness and calculation

find an object 75
Meaning: challenging activities

useless object 53
Translation of the dream: need to be more cautious in their movements

object 1
Interpretation: godsend

want an object 23
Sense of the dream: encouraging news

spoil an object 69
What does it mean: imprudent purchases

sacred object 85
Meaning of the dream: good energy

indicate an object 13
Description: possibility of career advancement

expose an object 39
Interpretation of the dream: tyranny of relatives

ugly object 41
Translation: surprises with money

crystal object 84
Dream description: strange moods

accommodate object 5
Meaning: return of money

adjust an object 34
Translation of the dream: Gain honest

restore an object 41
Interpretation: unexpected profit

ridiculous object 81
Sense of the dream: reckless decisions

destroy an object 90
What does it mean: dangerous situation

object of enamel 39
Meaning of the dream: mind too much about appearances

useful object 29
Description: sudden success

glass object 26
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles overcome

ancient object 48
Translation: a good chance

next Object 52
Dream description: uncertainty as to overcome

silver object 40
Meaning: work hard

raise an object 66
Translation of the dream: friendships helpful

forget an object 74
Interpretation: indifference to others

throw away any object 11
Sense of the dream: You will escape from a difficult situation

hardness of an object 31
What does it mean: obstinacy

deteriorate an object 37
Meaning of the dream: disagreement passenger

ensure an object 79
Description: violent reactions and unnecessary

receive an object 22
Interpretation of the dream: hassles of everyday life

precious object 3
Translation: concerns

lose an object 18
Dream description: sudden change

give an object 89
Meaning: Understanding easy and favorable

small object or thing 32
Translation of the dream: haughtiness

grasping an object 9
Interpretation: dodged danger

be the object of enchantment 90
Sense of the dream: loss in business

fall in the hands of a robber 5
What does it mean: you ll lose some of your loved ones

art object 31
Meaning of the dream: problems to be addressed

deliver object 52
Description: I do not like doing favors

redeem an object 78
Interpretation of the dream: concessions to do

buy object 16
Translation: Effective collaboration and profitable

calloused hands 53
Dream description: challenging tasks

hands 5
Meaning: Fortunately incoming

golden hands 18
Translation of the dream: practical achievements

bandaged hands 26
Interpretation: uncertainty and indecision

dirty hands 73
Sense of the dream: risk of theft

tingling in hands 69
What does it mean: money coming

recognize a stolen object 43
Meaning of the dream: likely shift

fall from a stool 11
Description: business thwarted

bloody hands 81
Interpretation of the dream: perhaps you have done something unclean

metal object 10
Translation: errors of assessment

hands without fingers 67
Dream description: severe loss