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Fall bad news. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fall bad news. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bear bad news 30
Meaning of the dream: lively personality

bad news 4
Description: hard won

communicate news 39
Interpretation of the dream: curiosity

ensure news 64
Translation: Gift incoming

give news 53
Dream description: solution to a dispute

alarming news 57
Meaning: quarrels with relatives

learn news 66
Translation of the dream: curiosity satisfied

make news 40
Interpretation: drop enmities

write news 13
Sense of the dream: happy intuition

bear news 27
What does it mean: that problem is solved

publish news 24
Meaning of the dream: Fast forward

fall in wine 52
Description: changes of opinion

expected news 2
Interpretation of the dream: coherence between thought and action

fall in the straw 27
Translation: prudence with neighbors

ask for news 35
Dream description: earnings

telegraphic news 18
Meaning: setbacks and obstacles

cheer for good news 65
Translation of the dream: no waiting

receive news 3
Interpretation: confidences to avoid

disseminate real news 53
Sense of the dream: satisfaction and recognition

recent news 80
What does it mean: invitation to accept

report news 71
Meaning of the dream: bitter disappointment

news 66
Description: satisfaction of your curiosity

Official news 18
Interpretation of the dream: predicament

good news 25
Translation: Violation of a duty

secret news 89
Dream description: issues to be forgotten

saddened by news 84
Meaning: serious and lasting ties

fall in oil 76
Translation of the dream: fighting spirit

issue a news 2
Interpretation: amour

fall in the hay 13
Sense of the dream: exaggerated optimism

anxious news 78
What does it mean: obstinacy in resolutions

besiege good news 68
Meaning of the dream: They come from far away

fall into the ground 11
Description: need for more diplomacy

circulation of news 33
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings and mishaps

fall on the peel 35
Translation: events pleased

fall into a ravine 90
Dream description: speculation guess

lack of news 11
Meaning: requited love

bad thoughts 7
Translation of the dream: readiness and intuition

fall into the sea 82
Interpretation: lack of enthusiasm

fall into the well 83
Sense of the dream: vivacity of spirit

fall from motorcycle 49
What does it mean: goods unstable

fall in any one haul 20
Meaning of the dream: concern for personal problems

bad habits 27
Description: considered action

bad teeth 20
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings in family

fainting, seeing someone fall 29
Translation: You receive benefits from strangers

fall in church 31
Dream description: good intentions to follow

fall in beer 27
Meaning: problems to be solved

exchange news 18
Translation of the dream: physical

fall in the dung 71
Interpretation: new openings in the labor

fall from the roof 59
Sense of the dream: moral force

fall from the trapeze 23
What does it mean: danger of errors

fall in the lake 40
Meaning of the dream: bad intentions

fall from the hammock 9
Description: fear of betrayal

fall into the stream 80
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles and contrasts

fall in a puddle 11
Translation: death of a relative

Check news 89
Dream description: bitterness and disappointment

fall in the mud 46
Meaning: changes in future

fall into the net 78
Translation of the dream: inner conflicts