Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

fall asleep in tram

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: fall asleep in tram

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22 fall asleep in tram
happiness in family

49 fall asleep dressed
passion paid

72 fall asleep stripped
frustrated ambition

11 fall asleep on the ground

27 fall asleep with a man
dreams true

67 fall asleep with a woman
unrequited feelings

35 fall asleep in the chair
lack of vitality

81 fall asleep on the train
Good news

12 fall asleep reading

55 fall asleep in the sun
lost happiness

90 fall by tram
quarrels between friends

90 fall asleep with sleeping pills

31 falling asleep
Good news

16 falling asleep standing
ardor in love

7 falling asleep with a baby
receipts of money

50 falling asleep in the office

36 falling asleep in the boat

24 falling asleep in church
differences ironed out

48 falling asleep at the movies

27 tram
complex situation

25 get on the tram
satisfactory statement

43 get off the tram
interests to care

81 tram ticket
happy marriage

12 pickpocket in tram
little sincerity to you

5 tram driver
ideas that come true

50 controller tram
low energy

87 convoy tram
lack of prudence

63 sit by tram
excessive emotionality

11 remove from the tram
mild pain

73 wait for the tram
aid determinants

59 subscribe to tram
clarity of ideas

8 driving a tram
new facts

36 tram stop
reserve and prudence

63 tram failure
issues to be resolved

66 tram with people
sentimental adventure

44 tram empty
risky projects

81 man in tram
original views

47 bus driver on the tram
solution of a deal

84 tram driver that gives tickets
new emotional ties

52 tram driver that makes maneuvering
jealousy and intrigue

35 seeing fall
you re not up to the task and you realize

56 fall
comfort and awards

83 fall into the well
vivacity of spirit

90 fall down

2 fall again
comfort and awards

47 fall into an abyss
reckless action

77 fall from the swing
good feelings

9 fall from the hammock
fear of betrayal

56 see fall the antenna
small annoyances inevitable

43 fall into a trap
dangerous friends

47 fall into a pit
good health

35 fall on the peel
events pleased

90 fall into a ravine
speculation guess

68 compass fall
ingratitude of children

15 fall into a hole

71 see fall baby
problems in the affections

73 fall down stairs
dangerous hazards

41 fall from horse
decline of physical energy

18 fall from window
sacrifices for relatives

4 fall from train
dangerous pitfalls

3 fall off the chair
increase physical energy

59 fall from the roof
moral force

11 fall into the ground
need for more diplomacy

82 fall into the sea
lack of enthusiasm