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Failure to take off. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream failure to take off. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

failure fertilization 8
Meaning of the dream: happiness in family

lift failure 15
Description: many hopes for projects

appliance failure 12
Interpretation of the dream: confusion in love

false failure 14
Translation: dangerous friendships

cure a failure 62
Dream description: business cheated

tram failure 63
Meaning: issues to be resolved

Chocolate failure 13
Translation of the dream: goal reached

seaplane taking off 13
Interpretation: awakening of a passion

payment failure 70
Sense of the dream: excessive voltage

clock failure 18
What does it mean: sudden discovery

make a failure 52
Meaning of the dream: earnings and payouts

failure of a boat or hull 88
Description: unexpected gains

led failure 3
Interpretation of the dream: tendency to loneliness

failure 80
Translation: fortune

move away from religion 43
Dream description: provocations by subject

rehabilitate from a fault 11
Meaning: complex to be overcome

megaphone 28
Translation of the dream: You will advance grade

bush fault 9
Interpretation: quarrels with neighbors

fault vinegar 9
Sense of the dream: negative experience

off spotlight 18
What does it mean: affective inconstancy

move voluntarily 78
Meaning of the dream: good understanding emotional

take a foot off 24
Description: unexpected obstacles

airplane taking off 24
Interpretation of the dream: Gain Process

take off your socks 6
Translation: return to good condition

take off clothes 20
Dream description: difficult situations

take poison by mistake 45
Meaning: obstacles and disputes

conduct 10
Translation of the dream: satisfactions by letters

seize tulip 6
Interpretation: you'll have a beautiful wife

take pearls 45
Sense of the dream: sadness and disappointment

take birds 34
What does it mean: inner dissatisfaction

aiming, take aim 5
Meaning of the dream: you are worried over nothing

take a deer 15
Description: intimate satisfactions

take a sick 76
Interpretation of the dream: quiet life

take the reins 19
Translation: insecurity

take refreshment 80
Dream description: exaggerated modesty

take paralytics 86
Meaning: serious discord

take bee 4
Translation of the dream: Success in business

Carrying seaplane 62
Interpretation: you are losing control of your life

take a cat 69
Sense of the dream: attention to money

bring objects 63
What does it mean: you know to deal with your responsibilities

take an animal 76
Meaning of the dream: Danger averted

take head 48
Description: violent incidents

take bat 48
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows in family

take a fancy 1
Translation: conflicting opinions

being taken ill 4
Dream description: disease is not dangerous

take a hawk 78
Meaning: profit

take a mouse 60
Translation of the dream: clarify misunderstandings

take the moth 19
Interpretation: dangerous gossip of neighbors

move evaded 55
Sense of the dream: Good news

take aim at someone 76
What does it mean: You do not want to forget your enemy

take a punch 74
Meaning of the dream: inner restlessness

take a vote 23
Description: serenity of spirit

take the sting 64
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected news

take scabies 49
Translation: ambiguous situation to be clarified