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Eyes filled with pus. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream eyes filled with pus. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be filled 46
Meaning of the dream: you re too short-tempered

see pus 15
Description: bad temptations

have pus 19
Interpretation of the dream: short illness

pus 15

wound with pus 29

cages filled 64

ampule filled 2

pit filled 46

eyes 24
Sense of the dream: is enlightenment, knowledge, understanding, understanding and intellectual awareness

lift your eyes 86
What does it mean: happiness in love

open the eyes 29
Meaning of the dream: disillusion loving

dry eyes 81
Description: misdeeds suffered

burning eyes 20
Interpretation of the dream: freedom from annoying people

cover your eyes 85
Translation: interests compromised

scratched eyes 90
Dream description: energy dispersive

open eyes 79
Meaning: right insights

closed eyes 72
Translation of the dream: poor luck

eyes fixed 1
Interpretation: state of inactivity to overcome

eyes blacks 43
Sense of the dream: business complex to be solved

blue eyes 41
What does it mean: good news and expectations

Red eyes 35
Meaning of the dream: Health Concerns

puffy eyes 40
Description: rebellion

small eyes 60
Interpretation of the dream: cunning discovery

big eyes 35
Translation: pleasant adventure

bright Eyes 89
Dream description: afflictions and when overcoming

sad eyes 47
Meaning: aid to be granted

watery eyes 33
Translation of the dream: concerns superfluous

blind eyes 31
Interpretation: insincerity harmful

crossed eyes 20
Sense of the dream: immediate realization

lose eyes 24
What does it mean: gain of dubious origin

dust in the eyes 19
Meaning of the dream: tightening of relations

clean the eyes 63
Description: happy intuition

headache of eyes 2
Interpretation of the dream: the confusing situation

barring eyes 28
Translation: need advice

rinse your eyes 80
Dream description: happy news

stop up eyes 43
Meaning: indecision and doubts

turn your eyes 88
Translation of the dream: dangerous inner insecurity

sick of eyes 29

eyes swell 56

Pit eyes 76

bad eyes 25

sick eyes 3

Brown eyes 78

myopic eyes 40

crooked eyes 56

green eyes 34

darting eyes 85

Fluxion eyes 64

eyes bigger than usual 5
Sense of the dream: you will be honored and respected by all

eyes wide open 24
What does it mean: amorous passion

push swing 28
Meaning of the dream: jealousy justified

ambition fulfilled 38
Description: momentary failures

remove or push aside 19
Interpretation of the dream: you will be persecuted

push ox 5
Translation: lucky in love

octopus 71
Dream description: bond passenger

live octopus 30
Meaning: adventurous temperament

octopus dead 48
Translation of the dream: penis and breaks

seeing an octopus on 16
Interpretation: serious concerns

kill the octopus 82
Sense of the dream: desire for justice

have pustules for the body 3
What does it mean: wealth in goods of the earth

pussycat 3
Meaning of the dream: thief thin, betrayal of next of kin

push the wheel 74
Description: inner restlessness

push 6
Interpretation of the dream: It symbolizes the energy, commitment, encouragement and a new drive to succeed in life

pushing a cart 10
Translation: inner serenity

push the car 65
Dream description: supports useful

push a man 3
Meaning: moments of fatigue

push a woman 80
Translation of the dream: uncertainties and doubts

violently push 61
Interpretation: dangerous adventures

push involuntarily 19
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

push vehicle 30
What does it mean: energy and vitality

Cod fillet 19

chicken fillet 28

turkey fillet 39

fillet of cow 5

fresh fillet 87

unfulfilled 16

baby octopus in tomato sauce 18

fried octopus 55

Archippus 30

Corpus Christi 15

corpuscle 5

fish fillet 21

nappus (vase) 54

tumbling pushed 87