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Extract with syringe. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream extract with syringe. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

use syringe 6
Meaning of the dream: health concerns

needle syringe 2
Description: share moments of happiness

buy syringe 44
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in business

clogged syringe 20
Translation: overcome difficulties

break syringe 51
Dream description: anxieties and nervousness

boil a syringe 60
Meaning: disorderly actions

syringe 34
Translation of the dream: prudence in business

glass syringe 51
Interpretation: momentary uncertainty

extract lottery 80
Sense of the dream: Do not trust too much the case

vial Syringe 83
What does it mean: collaboration countered

extract from the earth turnips 15
Meaning of the dream: foresight

extract numbers from an urn 87
Description: contrasts to overcome

extract from the lot 7
Interpretation of the dream: good sense

extract resin 16
Translation: intimate satisfactions

radish extract from the earth 15
Dream description: foresight

translate with the dictionary 33
Meaning: hopes

Healing with Diet 72
Translation of the dream: great critical sense

via 5
Interpretation: symbolizes your future

fall asleep with sleeping pills 90
Sense of the dream: misconduct

lemon essence 68
What does it mean: realization of desires

morphine 13
Meaning of the dream: dangerous situations to solve

by grinding wheel 84
Description: unjust accusations

enema 1
Interpretation of the dream: new business

navigate motor 4
Translation: you are very sure of yourself

drive out employees 26
Dream description: confusion and disorder

open door with the key 1
Meaning: good business

enema blocked 80
Translation of the dream: certain damage

door with the key inserted 86
Interpretation: interesting new possibilities

tear down something using an ax 1
Sense of the dream: unexpected losses

charity extraction 5
What does it mean: pride and pride

extraction of Venice 68
Meaning of the dream: faltering health

Christmas extraction 90
Description: excessive fatigue

suspended extraction 65
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels and gossip

extraction of the lot 69
Translation: good business

extraction of numbers 85
Dream description: momentary afflictions

dowry extraction 72
Meaning: economic rewards

genoa extraction 49
Translation of the dream: women gossip

extraction of turin 84
Interpretation: Loving deception

Paschal extraction 78
Sense of the dream: momentary enthusiasm

exhumation of a corpse 12
What does it mean: revivals of past projects

FLORENCE extraction 82
Meaning of the dream: passion

milan extraction 64
Description: selfishness and cunning

extraction Raffle 10
Interpretation of the dream: small fortune

extraction of bari 8
Translation: impediments by young

extraction of palermo 3
Dream description: happiness

rome extraction 61
Meaning: realization pleased

extraction of naples 86
Translation of the dream: good wishes

with contempt 58
Interpretation: thou shalt triumph of your enemies

fall out with 65
Sense of the dream: small contrasts

eva with apple 69
What does it mean: righteousness and loyalty

tea with milk 11
Meaning of the dream: good practical sense

eva with snake 19
Description: difficult position

go with King 90
Interpretation of the dream: justified criticism

grass with dew 30
Translation: intimate happiness