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Express wishes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream express wishes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bellhop Express 12
Meaning of the dream: change of situation

send wishes 42
Description: new hope

crown wishes 44
Interpretation of the dream: mistrust and pessimism

ticket wishes 36
Translation: sociability reciprocated

reciprocate best wishes 83
Dream description: initiatives happy

receive bad wishes 39
Meaning: do not listen to those who want to hurt you

best wishes for the wedding 9
Translation of the dream: extraordinary expenses

send by express 35
Interpretation: Unexpected help

wishes for birthday 6
Sense of the dream: realization of credits

stifle desires 84
What does it mean: difficulties in work

express letter 16
Meaning of the dream: you have to talk at all costs

good will come and go 83
Description: Good initiatives

express a concept 67
Interpretation of the dream: jealousy of a friend

dictate the will 4
Translation: disputes over interests

dishonest desires 11
Dream description: extravagant excesses

contest the will 89
Meaning: unfounded fears

fast for the will of others 78
Translation of the dream: indecision

will 57
Interpretation: unexpected money

ill will 2
Sense of the dream: tough win

express feelings 44
What does it mean: hard work

coveting money 10
Meaning of the dream: sentimental conquests

greetings respectful 23
Description: good news soon

frank manuscripts 65
Interpretation of the dream: changes of opinion

frank letters 8
Translation: deep crisis

reciprocate greetings 31
Dream description: needs action

exchange greetings 83
Meaning: desire for love

holy will 9
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

receive greetings 74
Interpretation: harmony passing

frank parcels 86
Sense of the dream: slight disorder

coveting gold 31
What does it mean: waivers to do

frank postcards 42
Meaning of the dream: actions thin

depositing a will 55
Description: minded

entrust a will 36
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected money

coveting wealth 38
Translation: momentary embarrassment

frank in behavior 7
Dream description: melancholy

associate to greetings 87
Meaning: Failure of a deal

effort of will 26
Translation of the dream: sacrifice to deal

vacuum cleaner like to do cleaning 25
Interpretation: renew

charlatan who greets 38
Sense of the dream: fear and distrust

frank holdings death 33
What does it mean: hatred declared

write a will for others 28
Meaning of the dream: big profit

make or receive greetings 56
Description: confidence

unintentional abortion 15
Interpretation of the dream: displeasure

want the drink 4
Translation: fear of deceit

wish 64
Dream description: encounter difficulties

conceive a desire 68
Meaning: lightness in spending

want 5
Translation of the dream: there is something missing in your life

wish wealth 12
Interpretation: bad speculations

want children 60
Sense of the dream: discomfort and nervousness

wish for healing 77
What does it mean: confidence in the future

want charges 69
Meaning of the dream: hard work

want a job 73
Description: extravagant spending

want a win 9
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant news

wish for death 68
Translation: lack of energy