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Explain commissioning. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream explain commissioning. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

begin commissioning 25

explain 24
Description: despair

explain the newspaper 9
Interpretation of the dream: good relationships with women

explain a dress 28
Translation: false flattery

explain linen 50
Dream description: Company interesting

explain a lesson 90
Meaning: controversy vain and useless

explain a napkin 89
Translation of the dream: great buys

explain the gospel 83
Interpretation: realization of desires

explain the reasons 61

choose and explain letters 58
What does it mean: you will know the truth

feel explain the gospel 16
Meaning of the dream: calm and balance

explain or fold sails 11
Description: favorable circumstances

commissioner 19
Interpretation of the dream: bond of friendship alive and new

Commissioner of Public Safety 80
Translation: bond of friendship alive and new

technical commissioner 54
Dream description: deep emotion

Commissioner sports 16
Meaning: illusions and disillusions

Commissioner of exams 9
Translation of the dream: disputes with superiors

commission 43
Interpretation: indulgence of children

Commission of Inquiry 90
Sense of the dream: indulgence of children

military commission 76
What does it mean: excellent health

make a commission 17
Meaning of the dream: vague sense of unease

appoint a commission 1
Description: support from relatives

teacher explaining 50
Interpretation of the dream: lack of support

preside over a commission 26
Translation: complications

pay a commission 77
Dream description: visits and invitations pleasant

collecting commission 60
Meaning: discussions with opponents

commission for a sale 43
Translation of the dream: new ideas

commission for a purchase 8
Interpretation: general improvement

talk to the commissioner 7
Sense of the dream: sudden changes

high Commissioner 38

Police Commissioner 74

Commissioner wounded 17

Commissioner in a fight 26

Commissioner killed 81

ministerial commission 68

preparing to commission 25

Antimafia commission 25