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Exhumation cemetery. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream exhumation cemetery. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

exhumation of a corpse 12
Meaning of the dream: revivals of past projects

go to the cemetery 66
Description: Deception by friends

cemetery 6
Interpretation of the dream: discarded aspects of yourself

see a cemetery 75
Translation: illness in the family

accompany the cemetery 32
Dream description: aid from friends

pray at the cemetery 80
Meaning: esteem and recognition

corpse to the cemetery 90
Translation of the dream: sudden obstacle

coffin in the cemetery 90
Interpretation: confidences dangerous

widow to the cemetery 30
Sense of the dream: slight indisposition

transported to the cemetery 80
What does it mean: waivers unnecessary

priest to the cemetery 69
Meaning of the dream: rapid business

be in the cemetery 89
Description: fortune

old cemetery 62
Interpretation of the dream: refused service

widower at cemetery 20
Translation: commitments to be

bombed a cemetery 64
Dream description: receipts of money

cemetery illuminated 23
Meaning: risky business

walking in the cemetery 7
Translation of the dream: next person s disease relative

Cemetery city 66
Interpretation: changing health

cemetery with flowers 13
Sense of the dream: indecision dangerous

visit a cemetery 68
What does it mean: unnecessary worries

religious cemetery 6
Meaning of the dream: easy chords

Protestant cemetery 38
Description: presumption

new cemetery 12
Interpretation of the dream: good friendship nearby

cemetery opened 28
Translation: unwillingness

cemetery closed 77
Dream description: favorable relations

Cemetery country 19
Meaning: sorrows short

entrance of a graveyard 5
Translation of the dream: ambition realized

burial tomb 79
Interpretation: important news

excavation 22
Sense of the dream: you work too much to try to discover the truth in a problem on your trail

archaeological dig 85
What does it mean: fill in difficult relationships

excavation of foundations 34
Meaning of the dream: unexpected gains

yawn 74
Description: hope disappointed

lifted up 32
Interpretation of the dream: astuteness

yawn of boredom 82
Translation: obstacles to be removed

yawn from hunger 36
Dream description: decisions to return

flowers groomed 15
Meaning: you ll ruin with your own hands

raise the sail 25
Translation of the dream: union lucky

build a house 60
Interpretation: good business

yawn to sleep 40
Sense of the dream: exuberance

navigate with the sail 2
What does it mean: They are abandoning your strength

yawning convulsively 31
Meaning of the dream: will uncoordinated

yawn constantly 9
Description: hope disappointed

catacombs 49
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in writing

catacombs lit 67
Translation: unexpected help

dark catacombs 71
Dream description: prudence in writing

emerge from the catacombs 17
Meaning: changes in work

enter the catacombs 78
Translation of the dream: spirit of sacrifice

get lost in the catacombs 9
Interpretation: important meetings

be an abbot 48
Sense of the dream: contrasts

be part of an academy 27
What does it mean: issues with relatives

be in camp 33
Meaning of the dream: hard times

be a beggar 58
Description: changes

be a moneymaker 32
Interpretation of the dream: lost objects

be captivated 15
Translation: generosity rewarded