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Excessive tanning. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream excessive tanning. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

physical excessive power 5
Meaning of the dream: you had assurances at work

tanning oil 10
Description: incompatibility of character

overdose 65
Interpretation of the dream: anger excesses

excessive mold 89
Translation: lack of privacy

excess 15
Dream description: Advances in career

excess of love 20
Meaning: character helpless

excess of zeal 13
Translation of the dream: Advances in career

cooked too much 18
Interpretation: modesty and simple life

spend too much 90
Sense of the dream: self-respect and pride

fit of rage 61
What does it mean: tenacious feelings

consumed by too much work 66
Meaning of the dream: Threads

too much salt 90
Description: uncertainty and anxiety

speeding car 27
Interpretation of the dream: inner resources

make profit 38
Translation: obligations to be fulfilled

browning arms 6
Dream description: disappointed or weakened

browning books 88
Meaning: sympathy and benevolence

sweet need 34
Translation of the dream: bread

body needs 71
Interpretation: dangerous actions

bladder for sunburn 80
Sense of the dream: moral force

browning a candle 82
What does it mean: resistance to work

cost much 47
Meaning of the dream: you're trying to pass important tests in your life

fill a need 34
Description: money coming

much snow 10
Interpretation of the dream: small woes

plenty of oil 2
Translation: indecisions

pay too much 58
Dream description: waste of money

understand much 88
Meaning: luck abroad

need to poverty 31
Translation of the dream: future wealth

lie for need 78
Interpretation: intrigue

marry off children 31
Sense of the dream: triumph over enemies

avert a greater 26
What does it mean: calm temperament

think again late 26
Meaning of the dream: irritation accentuated

plunging from a bridge 40
Description: difficult relationships

reopening of schools 14
Interpretation of the dream: dynamism and boldness

originally from Milan 78
Translation: things to come

reemerge from the water 49
Dream description: something goes yet settled

comb well or easily 59
Meaning: friendship, gain process

meet a person again 69
Translation of the dream: past troubles

get up late from bed 46
Interpretation: good opportunity missed

connoisseur 21
Sense of the dream: maturity of spirit

exceed 15
What does it mean: changes in work

browned 59
Meaning of the dream: burning Love

gilded 78
Description: interesting novelty

drub 20
Interpretation of the dream: luck and quiet life

lot 30
Translation: quarrel and misunderstanding, discomfort to the judgment of others

hatch 79
Dream description: long and gains

with contempt 58
Meaning: thou shalt triumph of your enemies

unsheathe 77
Translation of the dream: spiritual purity

fencer 1
Interpretation: someone annoys you

flog 29
Sense of the dream: you will be offended

mutter 31
What does it mean: tenacious rancor

reluctantly 46
Meaning of the dream: lack of courage

uproot 17
Description: excellent prospects

pickaxe 33
Interpretation of the dream: threat of danger

eagerly 39
Translation: you passed some fears