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Exact year. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream exact year. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Current year 12
Meaning of the dream: privileges conquered

holy year 25
Description: good resolutions

critical year 27
Interpretation of the dream: false dreams

school year 27
Translation: difficult changes

year of peace 48
Dream description: lack of initiative

poor year 34
Meaning: hostility harmful

Last year 72
Translation of the dream: caution at work

year of revolution 4
Interpretation: period full of doubt

wish good year 39
Sense of the dream: emotional states to control

happy New Year 26
What does it mean: quarrels in the family

leap year 4
Meaning of the dream: prudence with enemies

Next year 84
Description: enthusiasms and projects

exact time 10
Interpretation of the dream: feelings of sympathy

months of the year 10
Translation: You believe that the time is flowing fast

end of year 65
Dream description: good solutions

year of plenty 23
Meaning: sense of duty

New Year 2
Translation of the dream: fortune

head of year 1
Interpretation: sobriety and concentration

year of famine 79
Sense of the dream: optimistic forecasts

accurate 7
What does it mean: Threads

out of a New Year's Eve 12
Meaning of the dream: economic concerns

go to a New Year's Eve 23
Description: waste of time and money

freshman 70
Interpretation of the dream: great nervous tension

anus of child 53
Translation: protection from an elderly person

accurate work 33
Dream description: Threads

anus sick 47
Meaning: overcome by grief

tight anus 31
Translation of the dream: someone deceives

anus dirty 32
Interpretation: significant gain

man's anus 29
Sense of the dream: improvements to be made

anus discovered 15
What does it mean: freedom from responsibility

anus of old 17
Meaning of the dream: pedantry in work

anus 23
Description: Greed and avarice

anus of woman 14
Interpretation of the dream: fruitful creative spirit

anus with hemorrhoids 34
Translation: lack of reflection

anus with fistula 56
Dream description: excitement exaggerated

combing accurate 18
Meaning: good friendships

accurate project 84
Translation of the dream: small defeat

five years 6
Interpretation: calm character

years of war 60
Sense of the dream: serenity conquered

groom 72
What does it mean: sadness

years 40
Meaning of the dream: the business will go well

correct tasks 23
Description: wrong attitudes

correct boys 12
Interpretation of the dream: diligent collaboration

Diamond wedding 57
Translation: threads controversy

correct writing 25
Dream description: jealousy accentuated

correct abuses 75
Meaning: lack of reflection

Operating fee 10
Translation of the dream: important clarifications

rainy vintage 36
Interpretation: rising labor

start down the right path 48
Sense of the dream: doubts tormenting

scuffle between teenagers 35
What does it mean: misunderstandings resolved

give the correct answer to the quiz 87
Meaning of the dream: flattered by people not sincere

find yourself at the fork on the right path 22
Description: wise insight

put your hands down 5
Interpretation of the dream: fatality

subscribe to bathrooms 88
Translation: sorrow of love