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Evil eye medicine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream evil eye medicine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

evil eye 78
Meaning of the dream: sudden problems

see evil 3
Description: clarification as to give

evil 13
Interpretation of the dream: discomfort for a situation not clear

eye pain 24
Translation: illness of a family member

exercise the eye 72
Dream description: inner resources

eye operation 1
Meaning: bad intentions

losing an eye 24
Translation of the dream: legacy of more elderly relatives you

Sparkling Eye 33
Interpretation: superficial judgments

ulcer eye 4
Sense of the dream: need for caution

acuity of an eye 36
What does it mean: obstacles in work

eye patch 43
Meaning of the dream: unexpected news

Cataract Eye 61
Description: attend to the affairs

swaddle eye 65
Interpretation of the dream: new initiatives

eye socket 32
Translation: something bothers you

eye gouging 16
Dream description: you feel gratified at work

aware of evil 59
Meaning: swings of fortune

cure evil 15
Translation of the dream: imprudence and agitation

lead to evil 61
Interpretation: need protection

defeat an evil 77
Sense of the dream: new businesses

spend evil 44
What does it mean: altruism and generosity

dress evil 12
Meaning of the dream: nostalgia secret

face evil 69
Description: dangerous proposals

leaning against evil 21
Interpretation of the dream: few scruples

devise evil 69
Translation: small financial losses

evil inclination 17
Dream description: Errors in love

evil spells 52
Meaning: independence and originality

get rid of evil 16
Translation of the dream: money or commissions stolen

evil stepmother 49
Interpretation: persecution

needle with eye gold 26
Sense of the dream: changes in position

eye growing on head 36
What does it mean: You lose sight

medicine 77
Meaning of the dream: infirmity, affliction

do medicine 73
Description: illness, loss of money

take medicine 39
Interpretation of the dream: damage and losses

drinking medicine 63
Translation: Excessive confidence

medicine capsule 22
Dream description: restless spirit

give medicine 27
Meaning: understanding in sentimental

decoction medicine 15
Translation of the dream: resistance tests

vial of medicine 1
Interpretation: lack of pretension

oral medicine 41
Sense of the dream: consolation to relatives

tablet or medicine 25
What does it mean: Bad mood

ointment medicine 53
Meaning of the dream: achievable goals

potion medicine 15
Description: moral steadfastness

seize medicine 85
Interpretation of the dream: narrowness of spirit

reject medicine 14
Translation: their tangled interests

syrup medicine 88
Dream description: laziness and distrust

sip of medicine 54
Meaning: ailment passenger

doctorate in medicine 12
Translation of the dream: Dangerous Liaisons

glass with medicine 4
Interpretation: advantageous changes

flask with medicine 87
Sense of the dream: unexpected aid

bottle with medicine 72
What does it mean: attention to the throat